Report: Trudeau Government Tries Blaming Trump Administration For Illegal Border Crossing Crisis

The government must have exceeded their quota of Harper-blaming for the week.

Rather than accept responsibility, the Trudeau government is now trying to blame the Trump Administration for the growing illegal border crossing crisis.

According to a Reuters report, the Trudeau government is trying to get the US to amend the Safe Third Country Agreement to make it apply to the entire border.

Notably, Conservative Immigration Critic Michelle Rempel has been advocating for the entire border to be declared an official border crossing, which would have a similar impact to what the Trudeau government is supposedly trying to negotiate with the US.

Yet, the Trudeau Liberals regularly criticized Rempel’s proposal, and claim not to be negotiating with the US, showing utter confusion on the issue. Now, their rhetoric is shifting towards pinning the blame on the US.

According to Reuters, “A Canadian official familiar with the matter told Reuters that Canada wants to amend a bilateral agreement to allow it to block border-crossing refugee claimants but that the United States is not cooperating.”

Trudeau says border discussions have been going on for “months.”

Of course, while some people certainly sought to leave the US after Donald Trump’s tough immigration rhetoric, the facts show that Justin Trudeau’s reckless ‘welcome to Canada’ tweet caused a surge in illegal border crossings:

As was pointed out in a recent National Post report“In a recent House of Commons speech, Conservative public safety critic Pierre Paul-Hus called the tweet “the root of” illegal border crossings. And the data seems to back him up. The month before the Tweet, the RCMP intercepted 315 illegal border-crossers. The next month that doubled to 678 — and kept climbing until it reached a peak of 5,712 by August, 2017.”

Despite that fact, you don’t see the Trudeau Liberals taking responsibility for the illegal border crossing surge. Now – just like they are trying to blame everything on Harper, they are shifting towards a strategy of blaming the Trump Administration, even though the Trudeau government is creating incentives for people to cross illegally and refuses to take strong action.

It’s a repeated pattern with the Trudeau government: They’re never responsible for anything, and it’s always somebody else’s fault. That’s the exact opposite of leadership, and Canadians deserve much better.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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‘Trudeau Government Tries Blaming Trump Administration For Illegal Border Crossing Crisis’

Just as he blamed India for his disaster.
As long the media bows before the altar of their god jihadi trudeau and follow his demands canadians will never know the mess their country is in nor the kind of trudeau illegals flooding into canada.

Rick Churchill

And I suppose President Trump encouraged Trudeau to post his “Welcome to Canada” tweet? Is everyone in the Trudeau government a total idiot, or do they just assume that we are?

Ralph Knapp

The Boy has done something about the illegal border crossings. He ordered our border authorities to do nothing and let the illegals in,


I even wish to be a U.S. citizen to get away from Lieberals, as long as they keep Pres. Trump. Lieberals around the world have been setting countries up to fail as our government has been doing. The only help for Canada is to find a President Trump or a Doug Ford or a Lisa Rait someone strong with a love for their country and it’s people and some common sense. Someone to unite us again, stop all this destruction and debt that the Liberals have tried to smokescreen their Globalist agenda with. I am hoping Andrew Schere is a… Read more »


Well it is and isn’t, Trump’s policy changes is what started this mess, But Trudeau’s lack of governing and securing our borders and total lack of leadership is why we still have this mess, If Trudeau actually would stay in Canada for more than a month heaven forbid he could pass a law that all illegals will be returned to USA Customs offices, once he does that to like 50 people, The gravy train will end. Its simple kind like like Justin is.

Moe S.

The illegal border crossers apparently are able to read Trudeau’s tweet, welcoming everyone and anyone. Trudeau’s tweet was retweeted 412,000 times, the most circulated tweet of 2017. These same tweet readers, however, can NOT read the sign posted a Roxham Rd. that states, “STOP” IT IS ILLEGAL TO CROSS THE BORDER HERE OR ANY PLACE OTHER THAN A PORT OF ENTRY. YOU WILL BE ARRESTED & DETAINED IF YOU CROSS HERE. The sign should read, “WELCOME TO HOTEL CANADA” We may deport you. MAYBE NOT. You may NEVER have to leave. The RCMP valets will assist you with your bags.… Read more »


This US migration has been going on for months ….Trudeau knew and knows about the Trump phenomenon on this issue. Trump governs his own country and does not CAUSE any of Canada s problems on this front. Trump works for his own country . Why does Trudeau not have a plan knowing full well what the repercussions could be and are . The responsibility is Trudeau s PERIOD ..He is nothing but a talker not a doer , he is either ignorant or liar , in any case TOTALLY UNFIT


Even if somebody is leaving US because of Trump’s immigration policy (we can only dream of the same), they are coming to Canada not because of Trump but because we let them. Even more – Trudeau invited them. They don’t run Mexican border, do they? That’s simple logic, but useful idiots will swallow any BS they are fed by Trudeau and his media.