Trudeau Must Be Held Accountable For Giving Canada Summer Jobs Funding To Organization That Supported Islamist Terrorist Groups

It’s yet another double standard by Trudeau, who took funding away from pro-life Christian organizations, yet is funding an organization that supported Islamist terror groups and another group whose Imam made hateful anti-gay comments.

Justin Trudeau is taking Canada Summer Jobs funding away from faith organizations that don’t sign his ‘values test,’ which demands that they sign a statement going against many of their core beliefs.

This has resulted in many organizations – including many Christian organizations – being unable to provide jobs to young people, even though those jobs have nothing to do with any area of controversy.

And yet, it seems that Justin Trudeau isn’t applying his new values test equally.

According to a report by Candice Malcolm in the Toronto Sun, groups tied to radical Islam and hateful anti-gay rhetoric are getting funding under the Canada Summer Jobs program.

Writes Malcolm, “According to a government database listing recipients of the Canada Summer Jobs grant, both the Canada Arab Federation (CAF) and the Anatolia Islamic Centre have been approved for federal funding in 2018. In 2009, CAF was de-funded over the group’s extremism and support for terrorist groups – a decision made by the previous Harper Conservative government and backed up by a federal judge.”

Meanwhile, the Imam of the Anatolia Islamic Centre Mustafa Khattab said “For me, someone who is homosexual is like someone who has diabetes or someone who has cancer or aids.” 

Yet, the Anatolia Islamic Centre is still getting Canada Summer Jobs funding.

If a Christian orginization had made those hateful comments, you can bet that Justin Trudeau would be all over it, making speeches and demanding legislation. Yet, when the topic of Islam comes up, Trudeau falls silent.

This double-standard is the height of hypocrisy, and it once again shows Trudeau’s divisive governing style. After all, when Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre recently pointed out that an organization in his riding that provides vacations to low-income families was stripped of funding, Trudeau attacked the group in Question Period, saying they were against the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

That raises the obvious question of why Trudeau would take funding away from the organization in Poilievre’s riding, but keep funding a group tied to terrorist groups and a group spouting hateful anti-gay rhetoric?

Keep in mind, Trudeau is also funding the radical anti-pipeline Dogwood group. So, under Trudeau organizations that showed support for Islamist terrorism and radical anti-pipeline activists get funding, while Christian groups and other faith groups get their funding taken away. How is that acceptable in a free country?

The Canadian people deserve to have these questions answered, and the Opposition needs to put the pressure on the government to explain this insane hypocrisy. The PM must answer to Canadians for it personally, rather than deflecting onto somebody else. After all, he’s the one who imposed the ‘values test,’ and he’s responsible for the double-standard.

And if Trudeau refuses to provide real answers, then Liberal MPs need to wake up, start serving their country instead of their party, and demand that Trudeau be held accountable.

Read Malcom’s full report here.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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