Petition Calls For University Of Alberta To Revoke David Suzuki Honorary Degree

Decision to give degree to Suzuki has sparked intense outrage.

A petition by Canada Action is calling on the University of Alberta to rescind the honorary degree they plan to give to radical anti-oil activist David Suzuki.

Here’s what the petition says:

“Tell University of Alberta Chancellor Douglas Stollery and President and Vice-Chancellor David Turpin that granting David Suzuki an honorary degree is an insult.

Tell them it’s an insult not just to a school, but to its alumni, its benefactors, and to the province’s most important industry. It sends an insulting message to the sector’s thousands of beleaguered employees, suppliers, their families, and to the province itself.

Tell Chancellor Stollery and President Turpin to rescind the decision to honour this divisive man.”

Contact Chancellor Stollery

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 780.492.2268

Contact President Turpin

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 780-492-3212

Decision to honour Suzuki is disgraceful

If David Suzuki had his way, the oil industry would be decimated and Alberta would be an impoverished province.

Of course, that hasn’t stopped Suzuki from travelling around the world on private jets, racking up a massive carbon footprint, but like all elitists he thinks the rules are for everybody except himself.

That’s why honouring Suzuki is a disgraceful move, and we should all help Canada Action’s petition spread far and wide.

I have signed it, and I encourage you to sign it as well and help spread the word. A link to the petition is below:


Spencer Fernando

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The UofA lost a lot of credibility with this because while IMO Dr. Suzuki has done some good bringing natural science to the mainstream, for some time now he’s been devoid of much objectivity or critical thinking. A university that bestows such an honour on someone who lacks integrity fractures the foundation upon which higher learning should be based on. If I was young and considering to go to UofA, I would be looking elsewhere. Anyone donating to the UofA should withdraw any funding which is already happening.