REPORT: Doug Ford Removes Tanya Granic Allen As Ontario PC Party Candidate

Move by Ford comes after comments made by Granic Allen on sex education and same-sex marriage.

Doug Ford has removed Tanya Granic Allen as the Ontario PC Party candidate in Mississauga Centre.

The move comes after a video emerged of Granic Allen saying “You know, now what I hear about Hrvatska [Croatia] trying to push radical sexual education on the young or gay marriage you know I almost vomit in disbelief.”

Here’s what Ford said about Granic Allen’s removal:

“We are a party comprised of people with diverse views that if expressed responsibly we would respect. However, the fact is her characterization of certain issues and people has been irresponsible. Our party remains focused on defeating Kathleen Wynne and bringing relief to families across Ontario.”

Here’s what Granic Allen said:

“I’m disappointed to have been told by ‘s campaign manager that I’m no longer a candidate. I’ll have more to say about this and Ontario politics in the coming days.”

While the move will upset some of those who supported Granic Allen, it removes a potential line of attack that Wynne could have used to sway centrist voters, and gives Ford a chance to focus on his efforts to get the bloated government under control, scrap the carbon tax, and get the economy growing strong again.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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OH MY ! Not to say her views don’t fall in line with many, but again, OH MY!!

bj stewart

She should not have been fired Doug, she is a true conservative. 1 in 4 do not believe in God. 25%of the angles who followed Satan were expelled to Earth. That is 1 in 4. The synagogue of Satan that Christ spoke about. Stay conservative Doug. You can not please everyone but 75% will give you a huge win


Show me proof of your god’s and satan’s. No really PROOF???? Not an ounce yet you sit and judge people on a book written by men thousands of years ago. People like you are the reason liberals won last time. People like you is why the left went so insanely left. Believe what you want but don’t subject others to your belief’s and judgments because I think those that think they “know god”, “talk to god” and “act on god’s behalf” are all insane and most should be in the looney bin for the harm they cause to others without… Read more »


If she is a lightening rod then Ford is right to take her out of play with so much on the line in Ontario. Wynne’s alt left party and the left wing Toronto Star would have jumped all over her. Although I don’t condone foolish politically correct language and virtue signaling, after so long in opposition the Conservative candidates in this Ontario cannot be reckless.


“Although I don’t condone foolish politically correct language and virtue signaling”
…looks like you just did


She could have more effectively attacked the same sort of education that Wynne has been shoving down Ontarians throats for the last number of years … there’s lots right at home in Ontario that needs cleaning up, never mind Croatia …

Dave Smith

I would have backed Tanya Granic Allen come what may. My 2 cents.

Ska Pan

Good riddance, if Hrvatska is her first priority, maybe she should be an MPP there. Sounds like Jagmeet, with priorities outside of Canada.

David Kahn

Throwing 30% of your supporters under the bus is not very savvy.


I ripped Doug a new one over the way he handled this on his Ford Nation Facebook site. If it wasn’t for Tanya Ford would of lost the race by 2000 votes, Ford owes Tanya maybe 3 get out of jail cards, Really if he removes her, He should remove himself and let Christine Elliot be the Leader. Really he should of took Tanya aside and gave her a stern talk to her and make her realize that the Conservative party is not anti-gay marriage and that if she still wants to be in the party, She should apologize to… Read more »


It wouldn’t have been enough to make her apologize; she ought not to have said it, period. Agree with her or don’t, that is one thing; but she cannot actively campaign against a marginalized group and not expect the Liberals to use it against the entire party. Ford did the right thing.

Major Tom

I stand with Tanya Granic Allen!
The choice is the truth…..or the lie…….
’nuff said!



William Roberts

So now the LGBQBLT2 peoples are “centralist”. Who knew.


Tanya Granis Allen has very strong beliefs, but we have all become Lieberal/NDP smoke screened to distract us all from actual politics. Doug Ford knows that they have to work at real politics and getting elected comes first, and she also needs to not concern herself with other countries and be really concerned with working as a team for Ontario. As long as the Lieberals can keep us distracted with all the divisions they have made in our people, we cannot come together and clean up the dirty trick politics Lieberals have created. Doug Ford for Ontario, give him the… Read more »

Tanya Gaw

When will Conservative Leaders quit running scared with their tale between their legs and handing everything over to the left for fear of losing…who could possibly have any confidence in your ability to win if you lack the confidence in yourselves. When will you realize that the Conservative base has turned into a massive grassroots movement who not only demands fiscal responsibility but also SOCIALLY Conservative responsibility. Weak, weak governing. Canada needs a new Party! Interesting to hear Doug’s sharp criticism of Tanya considering the outrageous behaviour of his brother…and he continued to support him. Tanya’s actions ‘dwardf’ in comparison.… Read more »


If you think there are no gay Conservatives, you would be dead wrong; if you think there are no gay family members of Conservative voters, wrong again. You CANNOT actively campaign against gay people in Canada who have the right to marry protected under law and expect to win an election. You will be crucified. You can cry about it or you can face the reality of it and do what will get your candidate into government.

Diane M

If Ford believes they are a party of “diverse views” , then he should have just said that is a reflection of her personal opinion, not the party’s. Since when does a political party have the right to appoint themselves “thought police?” Stick to the things that need to get done, not censoring people for issues of conscience.


An issue of conscience is to say “I don’t agree with same-sex marriage, and here is why.” To say that gay marriage makes you want to vomit is not a practical, respectful way to voice your “moral” opinion when running for public office. She effectively told some in her constituency that she would actively campaign against their rights, or at the very least would never represent them equally, because they make her want to vomit. Got it? Let’s show a little decorum and get a Conservative government in this time, okay?


BIG mistake!
The PROGRESSIVE “conservative” (Liberal-lite) party just lost my vote.
She was the only reason to vote PC.

Ralph Knapp

In a free society, Tanya can simply form her own Christian based political party and go from there.