Video: McKenna Says “We Will Meet” Climate Targets, But Government Analysis Says They’ll Miss By 90 Million Tonnes

McKenna gets the facts wrong again.

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna has a problem with the facts.

Her latest incorrect statement took place in Question Period, when she stated that the government would meet the Paris Climate targets.

“We have a plan, we have a target, and we’re going to meet it,” said McKenna.

Except, Trudeau government documents say otherwise.

As I reported, a government analysis says that even with the carbon tax, the Trudeau government will miss the target by a whopping 90 million tonnes.

Making things even more ironic, the climate target in the Paris Accord was agreed to by the Harper government. So, while McKenna attacks the Conservatives for having ‘no plan,’ she can’t even meet the climate targets the Conservatives set – something pointed out by Conservative Finance Critic Pierre Poilievre.

Once again, it shows how the carbon tax is all about ripping off the taxpayers.

Watch the full Question Period showdown between Poilievre and McKenna over the carbon tax:

How does McKenna expect Canadians to believe anything she says when she blatantly contradicts what her own government analysis shows?

It’s absurd.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube