While Tens Of Thousands Of Canadians Are Homeless, The Trudeau Government Is Building More Housing For Illegal Border Crossers

What happened to taking care of Canadian citizens first?

The Trudeau government is spending more taxpayer dollars on housing for illegal border crossers.

According to the Toronto Sun, “The federal government is planning to build temporary housing for up to 520 people at a Quebec border crossing that has been the scene of an influx of asylum seekers.”

The report also notes that, “The housing notice calls for “heated, ventilated and illuminated canvas shelters” for three-season use that must include areas for sleeping, security, reception and warehousing. The government is also looking for other units to serve as quarantine space, toilets and showers as well as systems for drinking water and drainage.”

Meanwhile, many Canadian citizens remain homeless.

There are an estimated 235,000 homeless people in Canada on an annual basis, while 35,000 people are homeless each night.

Additionally, there are an estimated 150,000 people who use emergency shelters yearly.

This means that there is clearly a shortage of resources going towards helping homeless Canadians.

And yet, by spending money on housing for illegal border crossers, the Trudeau government is not only encouraging further illegal crossings, but is taking money away from where it should be going: Helping Canadian citizens.

It is disgraceful for homeless Canadians to be left to fend for themselves while the government that is supposed to be serving our own citizens instead spends money on people entering Canada illegally.

As I’ve said before, it’s called the ‘Canadian’ government for a reason, yet the Trudeau Liberals seem totally ignorant of what their actual job is.

Canadians need to speak out against this injustice, and demand that our government stop rewarding illegal border crossers, and start redirecting resources towards homeless Canadians and other Canadian citizens in need of help. It’s not our job to fix the world’s problems, it’s our job to strengthen and uplift our own country and the people within it.

Spencer Fernando

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Ron Voss

And according to new election rules, they will now be able to vote without proof of citizenship. Part of Trudeau’s re-election campaign.

Dan Jones

We raelly need to help Canadians first

Moe S.

“Welcome to Hotel Canada.” Why not build the Trudeau ‘immigrant village’ among the Ottawa elite neighborhoods? NO, these illegal immigrants apparently are not good enough to be seen anywhere in Trudeau & Morneau’s neighbourhoods. Or in their children’s schools. 40% of the illegal border crossers have been transported to Toronto neighbourhoods, at a cost of 64.5 million dollars to date. Immigration happens with the consent of the host country, this kind of illegal immigration is happening BY FORCE, without Canadian’s consent. The Trudeau gov’t is demanding we leave our door OPEN and ANY ATTEMPT to protest our objections is dismissed… Read more »


You are so right, because these wealthy people live in gated communities and have no intension of having these people anywhere near them. Canada gets screwed every time Liberals are in power and the uninformed Canadians that have low IQs, keep voting them in. Until Canadians stand up and say enough is enough Canada will keep going downwards and not up. Shame on us for giving our country away.


wouldnt the ONLY people able to get into canada illegally crossing the border be US citizens?

joe berger

I am in the rental housing business in a small way. I am also involved in a small way with the Salvation Army. I also know lawyers in the legal aid business and in hospital emergency departments. Here is how it works…many people can’t get welfare because they have cheated the welfare dept. sometime in the past. Some of them are mentally ill. so…If they want a place to sleep they phone 911 and go to hospital emergency. … at huge tax payers expense. Others shoplift a bit of food. If they get caught they often go to jail (… Read more »

Norbert Kausen

The Liberal government is truly a disgrace!!!