FAILURE: Since April 2017, Just 243 Out Of 26,250 Illegal Border Crossers Have Been Removed From Canada

Over 99% of illegal border crossers have been able to stay in the country – another example of how the Trudeau government is letting our border get treated like a joke.

The epic incompetence of the Trudeau government’s border policy has become even more clear.

According to recent reports based on Canada Border Services Agency data, over 99% of the people who have crossed illegally into Canada since April of 2017 have been allowed to stay in the country.

Fewer than 1% have been removed.

It’s pathetic, and it would be unbelievable if it weren’t for the repeatedly demonstrated weakness of the Trudeau government.

Since April 2017, 26,520 people have illegally crossed into Canada. Just 243 were removed.

As noted by Global News, “Many of the people who crossed last year have ended up in Montreal (which has an established Haitian community) and Toronto, awaiting a decision from the Canadian government on whether they qualify to make an asylum claim. If they do, they must then wait to have that claim reviewed.”

Incentive to cross illegally

The Trudeau government tries claiming there’s no incentive to cross illegally.

But that’s totally incorrect.

Think about what illegal crossers are getting:

Work permits, welfare payments in many cases, housing, the chance to stay for a long time, and the ability to make a legal challenge to being kicked out.

A spokesman for Wreck-It-Ralph Goodale’s office said “Prior to removal, individuals may seek leave for judicial review, as well as administrative review procedures that assess the potential risk to the person of returning to the country of origin.”

So, once you get your foot in the door, the benefits are huge, and it’s tough to get kicked out.

Meanwhile, Canadian citizens in need and those waiting to enter Canada the legal way get screwed over, and our border gets treated like a joke.

This all goes to show that the Trudeau government has no plan to deal with the escalating border crisis. If anything, their plan is to roll out the welcome mat.

Everything they are doing is increasing the incentive for people to cross illegally, and they’re putting the interests of citizens of other countries ahead of our laws and the needs of Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

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Colin Henderson

Plus these bogus refugees will be able to vote if Trudeau has his way.


These are very cruel, deceitful, treacherous, people kind Lieberals. Unless they are about to use moneybags or daddy’s trust fund money to keep Canada afloat, we will be bankrupt and they will again, along with us, be looking for a place to go
Do you think we can get them peacefully out of office before our country crashes, and just the globalist peoplekind can afford to live here.

Moe S.

Le Journal de Montreal obtained a copy of a memo instructing all officials, RCMP & CBSA at illegal border crossings NOT to speak to media. Only designated spokespersons from the Trudeau gov’t can make statements to the media. This memo effectively ‘muzzles’ officers who are public sector, civil servants who are being instructed to facilitate illegal immigration by our gov’t. Sponsored refugees wait time 5-7 years. These illegal border crossers wait time for a refugee claim hearing 20 months. If the number of refugee claim numbers continue to climb, the wait time could be as long as ELEVEN YEARS!!! (Toronto… Read more »

Ivan Hawkes

Any lawyer who is having a struggle making a really good living would be wise to pack up and move to Ontario, unless they can speak Canadian french in which case Quebec would be even better. They stand to rake in huge piles of Canadian tax payers money. They could stand at the ditch border crossing and take names for future cases. They could go to homeless shelters (that have no room for poor Canadians anymore because they are filled with illegal entries) and line up piles of future cases. As the legal system “tries” to function, it will take… Read more »

Brian Mellor

What % are Dangerous Offenders?
What % have criminal records like rape, assault, break & enter?
What % are in need of Medical and Hospital treatment?
What % have mental issues?
What % have communicable diseases?
What % do not have job skills?
What % do not have an education?
The Government needs to make our entire border legal crossing points so that these illegals can be processed just as they would be at any other legal point of entry.


Some of those illegals have no idea what they are in for. TRUDEAU GOV NO BETTER than the leader they left behind. These illegals will become Trudeau’s voting block plus the so call ‘free’ money which they will be getting is not free at all. They without blinking are now Trudeau’s indentured servants to do with how he pleases when he pleases. One day they will realize that they were freer in their own country than here. Some of those illegals were sent by their own government to change Canada to suit their religion and way of life .. like… Read more »


Iqra khalid a lib mp in Trudeau gov is a member of the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD. In fact, that whole party is radicalized you can smell it.
This gov is bringing back ISIS with open arms and allowing terrorists to keep their canadian citizenship. What does that tell us? Forget the media, they are as dead as a doornail.