POLL: Horwath & Ford Top Ratings After Debate, Wynne Far Behind

Good night for Ford and Horwath, bad night for Wynne.

The initial leader ratings after the first Ontario Leaders debate are in.

According to an online poll by City News Toronto who hosted the debate, by a narrow margin respondents said they would support NDP Leader Andrea Horwath after the debate, while almost as many went for PC Leader Doug Ford.

Very few people said they would support Wynne after the debate, which is a bad sign for an incumbent Premier.

Here are the results:

43% say they support Horwath, 39% say Ford, just 14% say Wynne, and 4% say ‘other.’

8,702 people voted in the poll.

The online poll contrasts slightly with the results found by pollsters, who have generally shown the Ford PCs in majority government territory.

The response to the debate shows two important things: First, Ford performed well and retains the support of a large portion of the electorate. And second, Horwath has a chance to take votes from the Wynne Liberals.

With Kathleen Wynne’s popularity at rock-bottom levels, she needs game-changing debate performances. Judging by the results tonight, not only did she fail to best Ford and Horwath, she may be falling even further behind.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Ron Voss

After ousting Tany Granic Allen, Ford is coming across as Patrick Brown.

Roger Shelswell

THIS IS SCARY. Good thing to see Wynne is loosing. But how could anyone with one half a brain support a communist ndp after the mess they have made in Alberta ane BC.

Paul Layton

Their are 21 registered political party’s and showing only three is an unfair act against Ontario people. We have a right to hear from all 21 party’s otherwise you are a lie and complicate in perpetuating the party’s that reject property rights, sovereignty and personal rights. This is an act of an enemy of the people. Even your polls don’t give 21 part choices.

Kevin F.

It appears that leftist Ontario can only replace the radically left wing Liberals with another left wing party promising additional freebies, as Andrea Horwath’s NDP has better post debate polling than Conservative Doug Ford. The appeal of free stuff from disingenuous leftard politicians who keep promising the sky never seems to lose its luster in Communist Ontario. I weep for this Province if the NDP replace the Liberals. People fail to understand that Ontario was bankrupt 325 Billion dollars ago.

alan skelhorne

lol city tv poll has andrea who out in front. who do they think thet are kidding, that person horvath could have put ontario out of its misery two years ago by taking down wynne, have you forgotten that city tv. really these liberal tv stations doesn,t think that ordinary people don,t know whats going on. lol. what a sham.