REPORT: The Trudeau Government Is Speeding Up Work Permits For Illegal Border Crossers

The government seems to be deliberately encouraging even more people to cross our border illegally.

The Trudeau government claims they’re ‘working on’ the illegal border crossing problem.

The facts say otherwise.

Today, the Trudeau government announced that they will be speeding up work permits for illegal border crossers who are waiting on their ‘asylum’ claims.

Obviously, people thinking of crossing illegally will look at that announcement and see an even bigger incentive to cross illegally.

Hilariously, while announcing the work permit ‘acceleration,’ which will encourage more illegal crossings, Ralph Goodale said “Coming across the border in a way that seeks to circumvent our procedures is no free ticket to Canada. All Canadian laws are and will continue to be enforced and all of our international obligations are and will continue to be respected.” 

Of course, getting housing, quick work permits, and in many cases welfare payments is a huge reward for entering Canada illegally, and is even more than a ‘free ticket.’

What we are seeing is that the Trudeau government simply doesn’t have the toughness to enforce the integrity of our border, and is unwilling to discourage illegal crossings.

In addition to the faster work permits, the government also announced an ‘outreach’ program in Nigeria, the same approach that failed miserably last year.

Outreach and work permits won’t solve the problem, because it doesn’t remove the incentive to cross illegally. The government needs to make clear that crossing into Canada illegally will mean getting sent to the country those crossing into Canada are trying to avoid being sent to. That would be a clear disincentive. And if that means Canada needs to amend some international treaties, then so be it. Treaties can always be changed and re-written, and the integrity of our border must come before our so-called ‘obligations’ to foreign countries.

Yet, we know the Trudeau government has no plans to do any of that. Instead, they’ll keep doing things that encourage people to cross into Canada illegally, causing more strain to our social programs, taking shelter space away from homeless Canadians, and insulting everyone who is patiently waiting in line to enter Canada the legal way.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Screengrab

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