Trudeau’s Election Reform Bill Is Attempt To Rig The System Against Conservatives

The Conservatives are better at raising money from Canadians. So Trudeau is cutting the amount that can be spent during the campaign.

The Trudeau Liberals have made a big deal about their new election ‘reform’ bill.

They’re claiming it will somehow help the integrity of the system, yet it seems their true goal is to damage their opponents and give themselves a boost.

Not only does the bill leave open some loopholes that could be used by foreign organizations to give money to groups in Canada attempting to sway the election and increase the amount that so-called ‘third-party’ groups can advertise, the bill cuts the amount that parties can spend during the campaign, something that will hurt the Conservatives the most.

The Conservatives regularly raise the most money from a large array of donors, as they rely less than the Liberals on a few well-connected elites.

But, that grassroots support is seen as a threat to the Trudeau Liberals, and they’re using the power of the federal government to basically rig the system.

As noted by the Hill Times, “Bill C-76, the Elections Modernization Act, will also establish a spending limit for at least two months before a federal election, which could push parties flush with cash to start running campaign-style ads earlier than in the past, said Yaroslav Baran, a political consultant, pundit, and former Conservative campaign communications director.”

The report notes that while the Trudeau Liberals narrowly outspent the Conservatives in the 2015 election, they have fallen far behind the Conservatives since then, being out-raised by almost $16 million between 2015 and 2017.

Plus, “The Conservatives nearly doubled the Liberals’ fundraising in the first quarter of 2018, raking in $6-million in donations compared to $3.3-million for the Liberals, and $1.4-million for the NDP.”

While the government is using talking points saying the spending limits are about “fairness,” the Hill Times points out that “Nelson Wiseman, a political science professor at the University of Toronto, said eliminating the escalator is an attempt by the Liberals to reduce a potential Conservative spending advantage during a long campaign. “This is an attempt to cut back on that,” said Prof. Wiseman.”

Trudeau rigging the system

It comes down to this: Justin Trudeau is realizing that the more he angers Canadians, the more people are donating to his political opponents in an effort to defeat him. So, rather than listen to the Canadian people and make some changes, he’s rigging the political system to hurt his opponents and benefit himself.

It’s the latest manifestation of Justin Trudeau’s anti-democratic attitude, and Canadians across the political spectrum should by disturbed by it.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Lian Walton

He is rotten , a traitor , and treasonous but we already know these things – I feel for the members of our armed forces and law enforcement agencies charged with protecting this person – sad state of affairs – isn’t this representative of how all of the dictatorships began along with the genocide for any who do not kowtow to his wishes ? Anyways has anyone started a petition against bill C-76 ? Have not seen one yet – where do I sign .


If you ask, every time he opens his month, he is rigging the election for the Conservatives.

Brian Dougan

I doubt that it will matter. The heavy stink wafting off of Trudope’s government will end their reign of terror. No amount of money will get this evil; anti-Canada bunch re-elected. People who voted for this goon are finally waking up to his malfeasance.

Shawn Harris

Trudeau’s support of democracy and our election system is more in line with his favoured dictators, Castro, Chavez, and whoever is now in charge of China, than it is with respecting the rights and expectations of the Canadian electorit . Trudeau truly sees himself as the only person that should ever hold the office of Prime MInister and is willing to do whatever it takes to hold onto that office. Trudeau has shown his desire for authoritarianism with they way he sternly governs his caucus by never allowing them to either speak or to only parrot whatever Gerald Butts has… Read more »

joy clayton

Ha, this could SO EASILY turn against him, how little he knows. Conservatives will be a shoe in. He looks smug but that has had a bad history of backfiring. Keep getting the info out, it helps.

Ivan Hawkes

Many people don’t FEEL the repercussions of Justin’s actions. Ontario and Quebec have only seen some actual effect on their lives so far, and those areas are where the LIEberals have had the most support. We need to add a lot of people in BC to the list of potential LIEberal supporters. Until they actually FEEL the loss, the heavy changes in their lives, they will likely not be inclined to change their outlook. I think we who have a mind and are actually paying attention (unlike those who are not paying attention and are not feeling the effects of… Read more »

gerald william mccormick

He has the same arrogance as clinton except hes in power.i figure he already thinks hes going to win again although not majority.but he will try anything to sweeten the pot.


The conservative and Andrew Sheer will have a big job ahead of them undoing Trudeau’s asinine bills and policies.
Lets make the entire Canada-US border designated as a point of entry. That way, illegals cannot just walk across. They have to enter legally and when found, sent back.