WATCH: Poilievre Rips “Millionaire Trust-Fund” Trudeau For Increasing Taxes On Canadians While Living In Luxury At Our Expense

Trudeau has two mansions, “one to prepare his meals and another for him to eat them in” says Poilievre.

Justin Trudeau thinks that Canadians in facing skyrocketing gas prices need to make “better choices.”

That’s what he said after gas prices reached record highs in B.C., and he’s doubling down on that insanely out-of-touch approach.

In Question Period, Conservative Finance Critic Pierre Poilievre ripped Trudeau for living in luxury at the expense of Canadian taxpayers, while telling us taxpayers that buying gas is a “choice,” even though it’s a necessity for millions of us.

In response to Poilievre, Trudeau tried talking about BC’s carbon tax as if it’s a good thing, failing to take into account the record high gas prices crushing consumers wallets and the role the carbon tax plays in making those prices even higher.

Watch Poilievre vs Trudeau below:

Elitist Trudeau doesn’t understand what it’s like to be a working class or middle class Canadian

These latest Question Period exchanges reinforces that Trudeau has no idea about life for working class or middle class Canadians.

Trudeau is privileged enough that he doesn’t have to worry about gas prices, while for millions of Canadians higher gas prices means less money for food or medicine or clothes or many other things.

We can notice that the longer he’s in office, the more arrogant and out-of-touch Justin Trudeau becomes, and his policies have a more and more negative impact on our lives.

Spencer Fernando

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