WATCH: Poilievre Rips “Millionaire Trust-Fund” Trudeau For Increasing Taxes On Canadians While Living In Luxury At Our Expense

Trudeau has two mansions, “one to prepare his meals and another for him to eat them in” says Poilievre.

Justin Trudeau thinks that Canadians in facing skyrocketing gas prices need to make “better choices.”

That’s what he said after gas prices reached record highs in B.C., and he’s doubling down on that insanely out-of-touch approach.

In Question Period, Conservative Finance Critic Pierre Poilievre ripped Trudeau for living in luxury at the expense of Canadian taxpayers, while telling us taxpayers that buying gas is a “choice,” even though it’s a necessity for millions of us.

In response to Poilievre, Trudeau tried talking about BC’s carbon tax as if it’s a good thing, failing to take into account the record high gas prices crushing consumers wallets and the role the carbon tax plays in making those prices even higher.

Watch Poilievre vs Trudeau below:

Elitist Trudeau doesn’t understand what it’s like to be a working class or middle class Canadian

These latest Question Period exchanges reinforces that Trudeau has no idea about life for working class or middle class Canadians.

Trudeau is privileged enough that he doesn’t have to worry about gas prices, while for millions of Canadians higher gas prices means less money for food or medicine or clothes or many other things.

We can notice that the longer he’s in office, the more arrogant and out-of-touch Justin Trudeau becomes, and his policies have a more and more negative impact on our lives.

Spencer Fernando

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Ralph Knapp

Trudeau doesn’t understand and doesn’t give a damn for Canadians. However, he does give a damn about himself and only himself.


That funny, I pay more taxes, not less.
Actually, not funny at all. I have to decide which is more important, food or rent. BOTH of which now cost me more.


More and more arrogant is right. But what about all those bobble heads behind him? Don’t they have a clue what he is doing? Or is their paycheck the only thing they see? I am ashamed that this ****** is the prime minister of Canada!

Clive Edwards

It’s not their paycheck it’s their pension. Better than winning the lottery. And then there’s the “retired politicians” network of plum consulting jobs, so double dipping is possible. That’s why people like Turdeau and the Cretin can keep party discipline and run rough-shod over Canadians who aren’t politically connected.

Frances Gruno

O.M.G.I couldn’t listen to this fool’s lies anymore. Will he ever take the fault for anything he does . He is good at two things only: Spending taxpayers money, and lies.

Ivan Hawkes

The obvious increase in “cost” of living in Canada goes far beyond just gas prices at the pump. Delivery of goods and groceries to stores costs those companies much more, and of course the cost is passed on to the consumer. Everything you need to purchase is costing more to cover the loss business faces. Heating homes and business buildings costs more, electricity costs more, which allows less money in peope’s pockets to spend on goods and services. Less purchasing and less demand for services makes business more difficult to survive, more difficult to employ people, and more difficult to… Read more »

Wendy Lush

Lord I hate this pr-ck Trudeau. What arrogance and abuse of power. There are no words.

Shawn Harris

Trudeau just makes it too easy to criticise him. The funny but sad part is that he doesn’t see beyond the arrogant and narcissistic bubble he is in. Trudeau is all too ready to say the prewritten and prepared words but doesn’t think them through; that the public is better off because of his decisions, definitely not. That he just can’t understand that unlike his finances, ours are finite and limited to what we can hang onto after taxes. Trudeau still after the many times he has been caught lying still assumes that we want to hear the same lies… Read more »

Claudine Prosper

Justin Trudeau is a liar! First of all, he is lying about not increasing taxes. He has us taxed to death. I was middle class before he came to power and now I have to pay more for heat, food, and anything else I buy. My pensions only increased by 50+ cents per month! I even have to decide if I can eat a meal or not. The seniors are sure having to struggle since he came to power. I never thought I would have to live under another Trudeau, but here I am doing just that and it’s even… Read more »

Wendy Lush

‘Trudeau has two mansions, “one to prepare his meals and another for him to eat them in” says Poilievre’ … Where have I heard that before? Oh yes, the nineteenth century barons and dictators of Latin America, lording over their humble subjects, watching it all from their sumptuous villas. This is where Trudeau belongs; he’s a man born in the wrong century. ——– “Elitist Trudeau doesn’t understand what it’s like to be a working class or middle class Canadian” … You can say that again. And he has even less understanding of the poor, the unemployed or the homeless Canadian.… Read more »

Brian Dougan

Very good letters. There isn’t much else I can add to the forum. One head shaking thought–That Satanic; lying monster makes casual; idiotic; costly decisions that will affect the lives of all Canadians….for decades to come. And–He will leave office; no worse for the wear. He (she/ze/zir?) will leave with a very handsome pension. Not that Trudope will ever need it. Actions have consequences; but they won’t affect him. At least; not in this life.