Here’s What People Say It Means To Be Canadian

A strong belief in freedom unites many of the responses.

Justin Trudeau wants Canada to be a “post-national state” with no core values and no unifying Canadian identity.

Yet, most people reject that kind of thinking, and think it’s important for Canada to have a strong sense of being a unified nation with unifying core values.

Unfortunately, we know that perspective doesn’t get much attention in the mainstream media, so I recently decided to ask people on Twitter what they think it means to be Canadian.

Here are some of the many responses:

“It means to work hard, pull your own weight, look after your family. Help those who CAN’T help themselves. Have mutual respect for each others differences but celebrate the shared belief in a strong,free Canada.”

“Proud yet humble. Caring, charitable, industrious. Passionate about what’s important. Family. Land. Laws. All the things that are at risk now.”

“I am a Canadian! I wasn’t born here but I have become a Canadian citizen. I swore to uphold the values of Canada in law and action. I value the freedoms and rights that I have here. Canada adopted me so she is my home and native land.”

“Wholesome, kind, hard working, generous, freedom of speech, freedom of choice, diverse culture, tolerant, passionate”

“Standing with pride we live in the greats country in the world. Supporting our veterans that kept us safe and free. Being good citizens following the letter of the law. Supporting one and other in good or bad. Championing free speech. Not letting the liberal party divide us again”

“proud and free and able to vote liberals out”

“Right now, being a Canadian means being forced to pay criminally high taxes to support Special Interests, not the good of our country.”

“I used to be so proud and eager to become Canadian citizen, now I’m confused, sometimes feel ashamed, as our prime minister have no money to give our disabled veteran but have money to give terrorist.”

“Kind, hardworking, friendly, funny, tough, welcoming, active, proud, problem solvers, respected, innovative, adaptive & reasonable are a few words that come to mind. We are like the smallest guy on the ice who goes into the corner elbows up & comes out with the puck”

“Unfortunately not what it used to. Now it’s about being called a racist because you show pride in what you’ve worked for and loving your country.”

“Getting rid of Trudeau’s liberals.”

“Strong, fair, even tempered, hell on wheels when provoked, polite.”

“compassion and fairness to everyone (not to be mistaken for weakness) equality and this:”

“That’s a tough question , being Canadian means many things. Sharing values of always standing tall and helping others and not beating our chests about it , it means being able to grow up in an environment that will not hold you back but let you be yourself for eg. Peace Y”

“Now or Prior To The Dishonorable Crime Minister Justkim Castro in 2015? Pre-2015: Most Respected & Best Middle Class Country In The World!! Post-2015: Illegals Become Legal. Indigenous & Canuck Born Become Second Class Citizen That Pay Taxes!!”

“What do I think? regardless of what the USA thinks our soldiers were regarded as tough as nails! Canadians would be hit and still soldier on I think to be Canadian it means we can endure we embrace patriotism and at one time had solid educators bringing up our youth, we were free”

“An answer to that now is definitely different than it would have been 3 years ago. Still proud but…. I want my old Canada back.”

“Hard work, protecting the weak, strong men, support and honour for those who have sacrificed for our freedom is my country…NOT TRUDEAU”

“I used to be quite clear but lately I am not so sure anymore, as seemingly, anything goes these days: any religion, any dress, any language, any value, any view on environment or resources, any fiscal prudence, any view on abortion or gender or law, any location even ..”

“Being Canadian involves putting your neighbour’s needs ahead of taking selfies, it means being polite, even when you don’t feel it. It involves work ethic, kinship with others, flooding that rink for the kids on the block, and never allowing a Communist government in Canada!”

“To be free to make our own choices, re:religion, politics… free from judgement. Freedom of speech. And 4 the amount of taxes we pay, proper police protection, secure borders and proper healthcare. Real security, which we are not currently getting.”

“Not be a globalist weenie. Be proud of the Land of the True, North, Strong and Free. Strong, secure, safe border and reasonable and fair diversity, to a certain degree.”


“Regardless of what we say here…Trudeau, Wynne and their enablers will be more than happy to TELL us what it means to be Canadian.”

“It means to be deceived by one of the most deceptive, traitorous families ever in Canada! No not one of – the absolutely most of all that – a family that should be run out of Canada now!”

“Happy respectful and hockey!”

“Having individual freedoms and rights while respecting others. Expecting the same from others or expect an ass kicking.”

“To work hard. to value peace, cooperation and the rule of law. to be a united force for helping others in need. community, safety, opportunity. Propriety, decorum. Tradition. Grateful for OUR QUEEN.”

“We can be great. We can be the greatest country on the planet, as soon as we get rid of Trudeau and the Liberals and promise to never ever pull that nonsense off ever again.”

“Our home and native land. Our true north strong and free. Our culture.”

These are some of the many responses to the question of what it means to be Canadian, and you can see the rest by clicking my original Tweet and checking out the replies.

While people expressed different opinions, a belief in the importance of freedom and a concern over the direction of the Trudeau government unite many of the responses.

More than any other nation, Canada has stood up for the value of freedom. While the United States still had slavery, Canada was seen as a land of hope and opportunity for escaped slaves. In both World War 1 and World War 2, Canada made a massive contribution to the defeat of facism, and afterwards stood with our allies against Communism.

That heritage of freedom is something that the elites like Justin Trudeau want us to forget and wants to erase, yet as you can see from the responses above the belief in freedom remains powerful among the Canadian people – even as those in power try to silence it.

This is the voice of the true silent majority of Canadians: Standing strong for freedom, defending the values our country is based on, and rejecting Justin Trudeau’s destructive ‘post-national’ agenda.

Spencer Fernando

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