HYPOCRITES: Pension Fund For BC Government Employees – Including John Horgan – Is Heavily Invested In Kinder Morgan

It seems Horgan and the government elites are glad to profit from the wealth generated by Kinder Morgan, but want to block Canadian workers from that same opportunity.

If you were to imagine the most hypocritical situation possible, having government elites profit from oil company wealth while trying to deny working people the ability to benefit from that wealth would be near the top of the list.

Well, that’s exactly what’s happening in B.C.

You see, while John Horgan is trying to block the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion which will kill tons of jobs and severely hurt the economy, his pension fund – and the pension fund for BC government employees – is heavily invested in Kinder Morgan.

As reported by the Calgary Herald, “The British Columbia Investment Management Corp. (BCI), which manages the pension funds for B.C.’s public sector workers, owns stakes in the Canadian oil and gas industry as well as pipeline companies Kinder Morgan Inc., Enbridge Inc. and Pembina Pipeline Corp.” 

In fact, while the Horgan NDP government has been in power, it turns out that the BCI “has increased its exposure to Kinder Morgan in recent months.”

BCI owns a total of 1,122,716 shares in Kinder Morgan, which is worth about $18 million.

Horgan and the government elites (who are already paid way more than most taxpayers) are glad to profit from oil companies (including Kinder Morgan projects in foreign countries), but they’re simultaneously blocking a project that would give working class and middle class people a chance to benefit from Kinder Morgan.

It’s disgusting hypocrisy.

Pathetically, all the BCI would say when questioned about this is “we do not publicly discuss our investment strategy.”

Funny how when the government wants info from taxpayers we’re supposed to answer all their questions, but when we want info from the government they get to just say they won’t talk about it.

Of course, there’s no problem with municipal workers and frontline workers benefiting from Kinder Morgan and BCI investments. The problem is the highly-paid government elites like Horgan, MLA’s, and top bureaucrats who are opposing the project even as their pension fund invests in the company behind it.

It seems that Hypocrite Horgan is following in the footsteps of Justin Trudeau’s leadership style: One set of rules for those in power, another set of rules for everyone else.

Spencer Fernando

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