REPORT: Official Poll Gives Doug Ford Big Win In First Debate

After City News debate focused on Toronto, Torontonians say Ford won it.

While initial online polls showed near-even ratings for Doug Ford and Andrea Horwath after the first Ontario leaders debate, an official survey by Mainstreet Research shows a big win for Doug Ford.

According to the poll of 2,000 people, 35.% of those who watched the debate say Ford won it. 24.3% say Horwath won, while 19.3% said Wynne won.

Mainstreet Research President and CEO Quito Maggi said “Doug Ford walked into last night’s debate as the front-runner and clearly Torontonians think that his debate performance matched his support in this polls.” 

The poll also showed 36.6% of respondents saying they will vote for the Ford PC’s, 31.1% saying they will vote Liberal, and 23.1% saying they will vote NDP. The poll clashes with other recent surveys showing the NDP in second place, but all polls show the PCs in the lead.

Interestingly, Maggi noted that “The NDP are ahead of the Liberals in the downtown core while the Liberals trail the PCs badly in the suburbs. This points to a potential situation where the Liberals end up with a handful of seats in Toronto despite having a strong showing in the popular vote.”

Now, it seems clear that momentum is with Ford and Horwath, while Wynne is in big trouble. Expect more lies and smears to come from the Wynne Liberals as their desperation increases.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube