Singh Suspends NDP MP Christine Moore Following Allegations By Afghanistan Veteran

Moore suspended from duties but remains in NDP caucus pending investigation.

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh has suspended MP Christine Moore after allegations of inappropriate behaviour were made by an Afghanistan Veteran.

As reported by CBC who first broke the story, “Glen Kirkland told CBC the Quebec MP approached him after his testimony before a parliamentary committee in 2013 and invited him to her office, where she gave him alcohol, then followed him back to his hotel and later sent him explicit messages. Kirkland alleges Moore, a nurse, offered him gin even after he told her he was taking antidepressants and painkillers, and was not supposed to be drinking.”

Kirkland also said that Moore later met him on a trip:

“It was during that visit, Kirkland said, that he told her “this is not happening.” He alleges she still turned up at his Brandon, Man. residence a few weeks later and he had to be “curt” with her.”

Notably, Kirkland says¬†“Look, I’m not crying rape. I don’t like to think of myself as a survivor. I prefer ‘thriver.’ But what she did was inappropriate. Was I a willing participant? I guess it depends on your definition of willing. There was a power imbalance. There was a level of authority there.”

CPAC interviewed Retired Corporal Kirkland, a portion of which can be seen below:

Singh says Moore’s caucus duties are being suspended pending an investigation. She remains in the NDP.

Ironically, Moore had made complaints regarding NDP MP Erin Weir and possible inappropriate behaviour. Weir has since been kicked out of the NDP.

Moore says she won’t be commenting on the allegations¬†“at this point.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Well 100% She should of been suspended unlike Tanya Granic Allen that should of been reprimanded and forced to make a public apology.

J. Ram

I guess she must have been pretty desperate, to say the least.


The lieberal CBC rag is probably saying all this so the Lieberals will get all the Lieberal/NDP votes coming there way, these parties always work in unison. Then they both demonize the Conservatives, unless they have them well infiltrated, another Globalist elite scam.


Apparently only men are faced with tough rules when they, let’s say, look at ‘women the wrong way’ but not women who do the same thing.
It is rather strange that serious abuses occur on women because of some culture which goes against our laws, the libs nor the ndp even bother to speak out for those women.

Sewer Rat

Actually, men’s lives are destroyed on the mere accusation of sexual misconduct. It doesn’t matter one iota if they actually did it or not. Their lives are ruined forever. Women get a pass when it comes to sexual misconducts, and are usually only affected by it for a very short period of time.


Jen I believe this “Me Too” stupid fake feminist law is just there for political use, like the stalking law was it never helped regular Canadians, even with proof and witnesses, it was just a political tool. If she did these things she should step down. Men do get stalked and sexually harassed by women. If he is telling the truth he is a brave man.

Adrian Lloyd

This is coming on the heels of Christine Moore accusing MP Erin Weir of Inappropriate behaviour and stating he was the last person to lead the Caucus Chair. What a hypocrite. Weir is innapropriate for standing to close and speaking to people longer then they wanted, now she suspended for worse. I want to see how this is played out

Sandra Williston

You Tube of course removed the video link!