Trudeau Government Busted Spreading Fake Stats On Illegal Border Crosser Rejections

They tried claiming 90% Nigerian ‘asylum’ claimants were being rejected. Turned out that stat was totally false.

The Trudeau government has been busted spreading fake news about the number of illegal border crossers from Nigeria who are being rejected.

As reported by Althia Raj of the Huffington Post, when trying to discuss those crossing illegally in an attempt to avoid deportation from the US to Nigeria, Marc Garneau said that “we estimate that more than 90 per cent of irregular migrants don’t respond to our criteria and will have to leave, including 200 in the coming weeks.”

Yet, it turns out that 45% of Nigerians making asylum claims were accepted in 2017. And keep in mind, even those who are rejected aren’t necessarily removed from the country, as there are appeals and legal hurdles.

I’m sure you’re not surprised to hear this, since lying has become a standard feature of the Trudeau government. Even so, it shows their stunning arrogance that they thought they would get away with it.

It also shows total incompetence, since lying about something so easily exposed shows contempt for the Canadian people, and will only encourage more illegal border crossings once the real numbers spread quickly.

Imagine what people considering crossing illegally will think when they hear the Canadian federal government was caught lying. There’s nearly a 50% chance of getting asylum for Nigerian claimants, which will just push more people to make the illegal crossing. Once again, the Trudeau government is making the situation worse.

After being exposed by Raj, the government was forced to backtrack, with a Goodale spokesman saying the numbers mentioned were “retrospective and looking primarily at Haitians,” adding, “It should have been a bit more clear that it is retrospective.” 

We didn’t need yet another reason to distrust everything the Trudeau government says, but now we have it. Their failure at the border, and their failure to be honest with Canadians keeps getting worse.

Read Raj’s full story on the bogus stats here.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Screengrab

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Trudeau and co. have already virtue signaled to the world that Canada has an open border policy. Goodall’s ramblings are nothing more than empty words to appease the masses. Even if half are rejected that still means half are accepted. None of these illegals should even be allowed to have one toe cross into our country. This crisis is elevating to emergency level. When is the government going to construct a fence and bring in some real men to the border (not bell hops) shoulder-to-shoulder to stop this planned invasion?


Trump played Canada nicely. He knows Trudeau loves mass migration so he obliged and gave him what he wanted. Trump ain’t going to do s*** to stop this.

Trudy Craig

Dont believe that Trump will let it get too bad – after all they will be right close to the USA and he doesnt want that, didnt we get blamed for some of the hijackers on 911?


Trump had nothing to do with what is happening in Canada, Lieberals have stated they want a Pan Canada, that all terrorists etc. are welcome and given free everything to come here to what was Canada and if you want Canada to survive as a country we need a strong Canadian to do what Trump is doing for the states, making it work again and stand together again as proud Americans instead of a Canada that is divided without borders, and ignored laws that once protected us and the huge huge debt an elite globalist foreign one world government Lieberals… Read more »


They are about as transparent as a BRICK WALL


I dont think that they lie surprises any body,they are biggest farce in Canadian history of politics, led by a complete buffoon


I just can’t wait to be rid of this bunch. What a horrible mess! I hope the people that voted for this are real happy.

Sewer Rat

They should all be sent to gulags to do some hard time breaking rocks for their sheer stupidity.


My heart goes out to all the young generation who are growing up in Canada without a chance of any kind of a future for them. This Trudeau has destroyed any chance for them to have any kind of a life. This country has gonje from a grand country for all to a country being destroyed by this goverment in power. as a vet and all other vets we faught for this country and now to me we should have faught this sick goverment and sent them packing.

Sewer Rat

Thank you for your service.


Apparently a good percentage of them cross back into the US after coming to Canada. If this open borders garbage gets worse in the coming years, maybe it’ll be time to actually build a massive wall of some sort between US/Canada. It’s a huge sparse border but I’d like to see better than we have now which is almost nothing.

Major Tom

Trust a Liberal? More reality in doing drugs……..


Who wants to take a bet that our little Trudeau-do will try to give AMNESTY to these illegal fake refugees. He may even try to give them voting rights before the next election. Watch for it.