Trudeau Liberals Vote AGAINST Motion To Lower Gas & Grocery Prices

While Canadians get fleeced, Trudeau wants to make everything even more expensive.

Living in taxpayer-funded luxury and possessing a big trust fund, Justin Trudeau doesn’t have to worry about the price of gas or the cost of food.

And apparently, since he and his government are insulated from the destructive impact of their own policies, they aren’t worried about the fact Canadians are getting ripped of at the pumps and the price of food is skyrocketing.

In fact, they are actually planning to make things worse.

With the Trudeau-imposed carbon tax escalating year after year, everything is only going to get more expensive.

That’s why Canadians are starting to see that the carbon tax is a fraud which will do nothing to impact global emissions, while ripping more and more money out of our pockets. People are demanding that costs go down, instead of being hit with new taxes.

So, the Conservatives introduced a motion calling on the Trudeau Liberals to stop raising taxes on gas, groceries, home heating, and everything else, and stop the imposition of the carbon tax.

But as you can see in the video below, the Trudeau Liberals decided to vote against the motion:

As Andrew Scheer said on Twitter, “How out of touch can they get? Justin Trudeau’s Liberals just voted against our simple motion to stop adding new taxes onto the price of gas, home heating, and groceries. Canadians are already facing record high gas prices. It’s time for Justin Trudeau to stop making it worse.”

Instead of helping Canadian consumers as we get fleeced, Trudeau, McKenna, and the rest of the federal government are doubling down on the carbon tax. They aren’t paying the price, so they don’t care what happens to us.

If they did care about Canadians, they would have voted to get rid of the carbon tax and end this destructive farce.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Facebook

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