Trudeau Liberals Vote AGAINST Motion To Lower Gas & Grocery Prices

While Canadians get fleeced, Trudeau wants to make everything even more expensive.

Living in taxpayer-funded luxury and possessing a big trust fund, Justin Trudeau doesn’t have to worry about the price of gas or the cost of food.

And apparently, since he and his government are insulated from the destructive impact of their own policies, they aren’t worried about the fact Canadians are getting ripped of at the pumps and the price of food is skyrocketing.

In fact, they are actually planning to make things worse.

With the Trudeau-imposed carbon tax escalating year after year, everything is only going to get more expensive.

That’s why Canadians are starting to see that the carbon tax is a fraud which will do nothing to impact global emissions, while ripping more and more money out of our pockets. People are demanding that costs go down, instead of being hit with new taxes.

So, the Conservatives introduced a motion calling on the Trudeau Liberals to stop raising taxes on gas, groceries, home heating, and everything else, and stop the imposition of the carbon tax.

But as you can see in the video below, the Trudeau Liberals decided to vote against the motion:

As Andrew Scheer said on Twitter, “How out of touch can they get? Justin Trudeau’s Liberals just voted against our simple motion to stop adding new taxes onto the price of gas, home heating, and groceries. Canadians are already facing record high gas prices. It’s time for Justin Trudeau to stop making it worse.”

Instead of helping Canadian consumers as we get fleeced, Trudeau, McKenna, and the rest of the federal government are doubling down on the carbon tax. They aren’t paying the price, so they don’t care what happens to us.

If they did care about Canadians, they would have voted to get rid of the carbon tax and end this destructive farce.

Spencer Fernando

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Ron Werner

Trudumb never was for the people of this country, only out for himself. Any blind person could see that from the outset. His father was a communist and out to destroy this country and so is his son. Very happy to get his nanny and assistants for his wife and holidays paid for by taxpayers but will he do anything FOR the taxpayers? Yes, make them pay more O_o




Why no mention of the ndpee siding with the libs & wanting higher prices?

Ann Harris

Damn good question!!




Our home heating gas costs tripled in price,this past January, kind of like our hydro did a while back in Ontario, although hydro debt was just added to the huge provincial debt and the government book keeping dropped the price down some what. Remember how they infiltrated that fake Conservative Lieberal Mulroney and brought in the GST and the Lieberals vowed they would cancel it if they were elected next, got elected then did not stop the GST. The then infiltrated Conservative Party was destroyed and luckily for Canada a new Canadian Conservative Party was gallantly put together by Mr.… Read more »


Nancy, so well said! Thank you for refreshing people’s memory on how the past lieberal governments have screwed Canadians. That is their history – past & future. A Conservative government is our only salvation. Also, NDPs are just lieberals wearing a different coloured coat.


Conservatives and Liberals are two wings of the same bird. It’s just that Trudeau hits you with it over the head with a sledge hammer and it seems to make us feel better about taking the punishment for some reason, and Conservatives will join them if they can’t beat them but only incrementally so you don’t perceive the change and are lulled into a false complacency.


Harper never canceled the GST and Gun registry record’s were never destroyed. Harpers legacy was done on borrowed money . So if anybody thinks these politicians are doing us any favours, they are morons.

Jill Ward

Nancy, From what I have read, TRUDEAU AND HIS LIBERALS were voted in ILLEGALLY and it appears now he is RIGGING THIS NEXT ELECTION (controlling the money the other parties can spend on their campaign/advertisements while he receives billions from foreigners, is bringing/allowing in the entire third world and allowing them all to vote in 2019, no need for I.D., no need to provide PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP, NO NEED TO SHOW YOUR FACE and so on.!! If you believe trudeau will be unseated in 2019, then I assume you also believe in the TOOTH FAIRY, EASTER BUNNY AND SANTA CLAUS!… Read more »


You don’t need to believe in imaginary figures to find evidence of Leftism being rejected around the world. Tried and rejected. Even Britain just elected a more populist Prime Minister. Trudeau has lost all his support from women when the mask came off with respect to his feminism when he fired Judy Wilson Raybold for refusing to cut SNC Lavalin a sweetheart deal in court. Look at Trump. Look at Salvini in Italy. Macron in France is teetering and Merkel of Germany declared unbridled mulitculturalism a miserable failure. In Australia they voted against the carbon tax after having experienced it’s… Read more »

Nolan Diamond

Mr. Bernier, will split the conservative vote & gives moronic Trudeau a better chance to win again. Don’t vote for Bernier. Yes, Maxime has good policies, but job # 1, is to trash Trudeau 2019.

wayne doyle

It was all about the Smoke on the Water. better known as a bong.


Harper and Mulroney made the same mistakes. “They won campaigning from the right and lost governing from the left. Harper also ran massive deficits to stimulate the economy, littered the tax code with vote-buying loopholes, pledged to defend supply management in trade negotiations and lost after one majority term of timid incrementalism leaving no worthwhile legacy. And the dumber and scarier you consider Trudeau the more embarrassing and blameworthy it is to have lost to him.” – John Robson, National Post Aug.28,2018


Globally this Carbon Tax will raise over $100,000,000,000,000.00 over 100 years and return less than. .5 of a degree on that investment. Useless use of taxpayer money. That is why Trump got the US out of it. Way better to use the money to innovate new technologies and find better ways. Further , adding insult to injury. Canada absorbs more CO2 than it produces and under the French Accord the worst producers get to INCREASE their emmisions.# NOT FAIR.#CRAPPY DEAL.

Ann Harris

Canadians should be fearful that we don’t end up like Venezuela.
That’s what happens when your leader allows your Country to go bankrupt.
Trudeau WOULD do this purposefully as it’s his goal to rid us of our sovereignty.
Obama almost did this to America and Hillary would have finished the job given the chance.
Trump’s goal is to hold onto America’s sovereignty. That’s why he fights globalization while Trudeau admits he’s a ‘global citizen’ and says Canada has no core identity (no sovereignty).


Did you know Trudeau even had the Office of Foreign Affairs changed to Global Affairs. Global sounds more family like so we’d be more willing to transfer our wealth to them. He’s grooming Canadians on Globalism whether we like it or not and a true Canadian would not hoodwink another Canadian like Trudeau has done to both his supporters and Canadians altogether.


“There’s no bread, Let them eat Cake …”

Wake up people, history is indeed repeating itself.

Chris vrecko

this greatly saddens me. My mother in law has a extremly small pension, this past year she had trouble w the cost of heat and food. My husband and i as seniors are strugglinng. We are supposed to go to another province to see her and settle her affairs, we aren’t going to be able to do it because of the price of gas, Mr. Trudeau, why are you bent on hurting us. What have Canadians done to you for you to hate us so much. Please I beg you to reconsider. CANADA is to cold a country to go… Read more »



Sheila Cooper

what is this idiot using for brains? Does he think we are ALL millionaires?


Well, let’s hope that’s a lesson for the millennials that helped elect this disaster. This taxpayer is patiently awaiting 2019, at which time we all need to show up to the polls enmass to rid ourselves of the liberal rot.

John van Doodewaard

Trudeau and his Liberals are Marxist globalists. They are attempting to erase all borders and Canada as a sovereign state. In the process impoverishing Canadians, confiscating guns, abolishing individual freedoms and property rights. To achieve their lofty goals, they enlist the help of people like George Sorro’s, Clinton’s, Obama’s etc.etc. and not to forget their Muslim Brotherhood friends. People wake up, we must get rid of this treasonous Liberal/NDP/Green government.


I saw today tha Merkel is calling for the EU to have their own military. I have always known that the Carbon Tax is to fund such an army. This army will grow into a Global Military of The New World Order to “quell illegal uprisings”. Time to act Canada.


If Canadians haven’t realized by now that JT is a mentally sick man. I guess they deserve what they get.

Glen Aldridge

What I want to know is how The Liberals with their never ending damage can still be running neck & neck with The Conservatives? How is the most hated Prime Minister in Canada managing to hold on to 31% of voters when they have been moved to Non Party Status in 3 Provinces, had 1000’s of truckers across the country protest against Trudeau, destroyed the oil & gas sector in Alberta & Saskatchewan. It just doesn’t add up. Just WHO is supporting them?

Bill Craig

The polls that suggest the liberals are running neck and neck are skewed and simply outright lies perpetrated by a desperate party that knows it is in deep trouble. Rest assured that they will do anything and everything to remain in power regardless of its legality. trudeau is not responsible for this destruction but is merely a puppet whose strings are being pulled from abroad. Look for this election to be the dirtiest in our history. Should they be successful, civil disobedience on a high level will take place. Four more years of this disaster will finish us as a… Read more »

Sharon Kerr

Liberals numbers that voted and NDP’s voted and Conservatives, I’d like to know what the NDP’s and other parties voted.

Rob Gillespie

They’re not out of touch. They know exactly what they’re doing. We, the members of the Canadian productive class, are barnyard livestock to them, to be fleeced (as you nicely put it) – robbed repeatedly of the product of our thought, our effort, our energy, the irreplaceable time of our lives and then cooked and eaten when our productivity is tapped out.