Ford Pledges To Protect Free Speech At Universities

“Universities are supposed to be a place where we exchange ideas and have respectful and responsible debate. We will ensure publicly funded universities defend free speech for everybody,” says Ford.

In a move that will please the many people concerned about the erosion of free expression, Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford says he will defend free speech at public universities.

Here’s what Ford said on Twitter:

“Universities are supposed to be a place where we exchange ideas and have respectful and responsible debate. We will ensure publicly funded universities defend free speech for everybody.”

In remarks Ford added, “But we have to remember that free speech is not an invitation to be reckless or hurtful and it all comes down to respect.”

There has been a dramatic increase in far-left groups using threats of violence to silence opposing views on Canadian campuses, and it’s good to see a leader push back against those extremist attitudes.

Ford also made additional announcements related to education, pledging to scrap Kathleen Wynne’s divisive sex-ed curriculum, and get back to teaching methods that actually work:

“We’re also going to respect parents. That’s why we will scrap Kathleen Wynne’s ideological sex-ed curriculum and replace it with one that is age-appropriate, and only after real consultation with parents occurs.”

“People in Ontario want a brighter future for their kids. Here our kids are failing their tests, but the Ontario PCs are going to change that by getting back to the basics. We are going to scrap discovery math, and replace it with proven methods of teaching.”

The core idea behind what Ford is proposing is to get things working the way they’re supposed to. It’s a no-brainer that parents should be consulted, it’s a no-brainer that teaching methods should be based on what works, and it’s a no-brainer that universities should be places of free speech rather than ideological conformity.

The fact that Ontario needs to get back to that, instead of already being there, shows how far-left Wynne has taken the province, and it will take a Ford government to bring things back into balance.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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He should be the prime minister. Sheesh. It is nice to see a reasonable person in politics again.


Balance, how refreshing, and it.s common sense unlike what is happening in Ontario. I really wish at least one of our weird news medias would contact you Spencer and ask permission to print your very common sense, balanced news articles, it would be nice if one or more could actually print the truth too. I am scared as all the lies and slanted news on Doug Ford is being printed, he is the only person running who will try to balance our failing political learning institutions, our failing medical political mess, even attempt to fix the hydro mess and of… Read more »


Free speech, huh? What about his booting of Tanya? Pretty hypocritical of him. He is only in leadership because of folks who supported Tanya. Get some real character, Mr Ford, and stop being a lemming like most other politicians.

Jodi R.

Seriously Spencer? The hypocrisy of Doug Ford and his political advisors cannot be lost on you? This would be more believable had Ford not removed Tanya Granic Allen. This is merely “damage control” in attempts to woo back the socon vote. The “progressives” in the party shot themselves in the foot and now they’re trying to stop the hemorrhaging of votes they have lost because they fell for the oldest trick in the book … divide and conquer. Bloody shame really.


And, this endeavor should have started with protecting Free Speech within the PC party! After letting Tanya Granic Allen go for something she had said many years ago, how can this be?


I do not live in Ontario and was cynical when I heard that Rob Ford’s brother was seeking to overthrow Kathleen Wynne–thought that no rational voter would consider voting for either him or his party. However, based upon his views as set out herein, Doug Ford would have my vote. Great to see a politician try to reverse some of the inane ideas that have taken over our children’s education and also to start making those who run the ivory towers accountable.