Imagine How Much More Trudeau Will Raise Taxes If He Gets Re-Elected

Trudeau has already betrayed his promise to reduce taxes for middle class Canadians, and if he got in again he would try to take even more money away from taxpayers.

When Justin Trudeau was seeking power, one of his most effective campaign points was a promise to cut taxes for the vast majority of Canadians.

Unfortunately for taxpayers, it was a lie.

After nearly three years in power, taxes have gone up for the vast majority of Canadians, and carbon taxes only making things worse.

We can see that Trudeau is obsessed with enhancing his own power, and bringing as much money into the government as possible. To pay for that obsession with control and all his spending, Trudeau is raising taxes on everybody through the carbon tax, eliminated tax credits that many families counted on, and launched a tax attack on Canadian local businesses.

And that was all done after a campaign in which he promised tax cuts.

So, imagine how much Justin Trudeau will raise taxes if he gets re-elected.

He would feel like he had been rewarded for his lies and his tax increases, and would be emboldened to take even more money out of our pockets. Trudeau would feel free to go on a massive taxation spree, and we would all pay the price.

With businesses already taking money out of the country (one prominent businessman even said the Trudeau government was treating business as “the enemy”) Trudeau will try to squeeze even more out of taxpayers and the remaining Canadian businesses.

Trudeau shows no sign of being willing to listen to Canadians struggling because of his policies, and the government is ignoring the warnings about Canada’s deteriorating economic position. Instead of cutting taxes and making Canada a better place to grow a business, Trudeau’s latest budget focused on virtue-signalling.

And when the Trudeau Liberals had a chance to vote for lower gas prices, lower grocery prices, and lower prices on everything else being made more expensive due to carbon taxes, they voted against it – taking a clear position in favour of higher taxes.

That’s why, for the sake of our wallets and our economy, the Trudeau Liberals need to be defeated. Once that happens, Canadian taxpayers can get some real tax relief.

Spencer Fernando

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Hey lets not forget his Promise to bring back home delivery of mail, I have a bad foot, and walking really does me in pain wise, Just walking in snow in the winter is terrible, Now think how I have to go to the local post office 2-3 times a week when it should be delivered to my house like he promised!! Trudeau is the biggest liar on the planet. He gives away everything to non Canadians to buy votes and then raises taxes to pay for his vote buying techniques. A real donkey’s ass he is.


i think he is getting some ISIS to do home delivery

don morris

I agree wholeheartedly, but the CPC had better hire an image consultant and voice coach for Andrew Scheer, because he is NOT setting the political world afire. If the masterminds of the CPC think they can defeat Trudeau on just a sensible platform of fiscal responsibility, they are dreaming in technicolor. Young voters, and some not so young voters today need to be seduced by great speeches and dazzled by appearance, neither of which are the forte of Scheer. I hope the CPC brain trust is not trying to run Harper’s failed campaign again, and is sufficiently professional to run… Read more »


I’m pretty sure Andrew Scheer is keeping his campaign close under wraps for now, but will surprise & impress when the time comes to reveal it. He’s very smart, witty & knows how to get under Justin’s skin when necessary – looking forward to debates with those 2!


im just praying your right no sense in showing them our hand too soon.what frustrates me is some mp gets ACCUSED of sexual harrasment he gets railroaded but trudeau can let killers run around and steals our money and not one peep. Trudeau is worse than bernie madoff and sadam hussain.

Moe S.

Many Canadians are not aware they have been paying a Prov. carbon tax, depending on the province, for a year or so. Ontarians were told by the Wynne gov’t the Ontario carbon tax on average would cost Ont. households $156 dollars more annually in 2017 for gas, and home heating fuel. The carbon tax would rise to $285 dollars per household in 2019. THEY LIED. The average carbon tax per household as of 2018 is $385 dollars. Ontarians will be hit hard when the Trudeau gov’t adds the Federal carbon tax to the $385 dollars annually we already pay to… Read more »

Sewer Rat

Better add a zero to your number. My (lower) carbon tax in Alberta on just two bills every month, runs me about $60/month. That’s $720/year. Now, add in everything that you buy, and your carbon tax that you have paid for the year, is now in the thousands of dollars.

Moe S.

Correction: Lori Goldstein article re: Ontario Carbon Tax article in T.O. Sun May 9th/2018

Tommy Hawk

.As usual, sir, your comments are 100 correct and any anyone who by this time can not see that, or will not see that, is simply living on empty hope and a cult level/.

As usual, your comments are 100% corret.

Brian Dougan

Hmmm. Trudeau lied, and raised taxes. Trudeau’s destroying the economy. Go figure. “Fool me once; shame on you. Fool me twice; shame on me.” Let’s see…Trudeau the Elder (1968) to the present; with the exception of Harper…Shame on me; shame on me; shame on me; shame on me; shame on me….”

Chris Lindsay

Trudeau’s tax policies are causing business investment to fall. Sooner or later, that will have a negative impact on GDP.


If I put 18 billion into Canada the econamy would look great they are selling us fools gold when we have to pay all this back the economy will crash like a lead balloon.Anybody that believes this baffoon are idiots he fooled u once twice and three times


It’s one thing to charge people taxes – it’s a necessary evil to make the economy run – but the tax payers expect to see benefiting results in return ! The current government is failing miserably on that ! And where a lot of our tax dollars are going is not only unethical, it’s criminal !!!!