Trudeau Liberals Pass Bill C-48 ‘Oil Tanker Ban’ In House Of Commons, Which Could Crush $16 Billion Pipeline Project

Indigenous-owned Eagle Spirit – who are seeking to build a 1,500 KM pipeline – are challenging the Trudeau government in court to stop bill C-48.

The Trudeau government has passed bill C-48, a bill to ban oil tankers all the way from the northern part of Vancouver island to the BC-Alaska border.

The bill will further cripple Canada’s energy industry, and it’s already put a $16 billion pipeline project at serious risk.

According to a recent report, “Indigenous-owned company called Eagle Spirit — which hopes to build a 1,500-km pipeline that would carry up to two million barrels of crude per day from near Fort McMurray to tidewater — has already launched legal action in a B.C. court to stop Bill C-48.”

Now, over 30 First Nations are fighting back against Trudeau’s Bill C-48. Here’s what the Chiefs Council Against Bill C-48 said on a GoFundMe page:

“The purpose of this page is to assist over 30 impoverished First Nations with legal and administrative costs needed to fight the Government’s unilaterally imposed Oil Tanker Moratorium Act and the Great Bear Rainforest–both of which were established largely through the lobbying of foreign-financed ENGOs and without the consultation and consent of First Nations. With the First Nations-led Eagle Spirit Energy corridor in northern B.C., we are explicitly opposed to American ENGOs dictating government policy in our traditional territories in a manner that harms our communities, regions, the energy industry (the most import industry in Canada), and the Canadian economy. The liberal government was supposed to be supporting reconciliation–not perpetuating past failed colonial policies designed subjugate and marginalize indigenous peoples.”

The Council adds, “We support the First Nations-led Eagle Spirit Energy energy corridor because it would provide real-world sustainable benefits and own-source revenue and meaningful participation for the poorest communities in Canada through a project whose outcomes cannot be duplicated by government.”

It’s interesting how Trudeau talks a big game about ‘reconciliation,’ but ignores a bunch of First Nations when they oppose his foreign-funded radical leftist agenda.

Think of how much good a $16 billion pipeline project could do to help communities in need of jobs and economic opportunities. It’s actually sickening how Trudeau is seeking to block the Eagle Spirit pipeline, and seeking to keep communities dependent on government funding instead of pursuing economic empowerment and financial independence.

The overall impact of bill C-48 is devastating for our energy sector, something noted by Conservative MP Randy Hoback:

“Let us not fool ourselves. This is not a tanker ban. This is to stop development in the resource sector and to stop shipping products to the West Coast. It is what the Liberals really planned to do from day one, and this bill is how they are going to achieve it. That is very disappointing. People in Western Canada just cannot understand the government … it keeps chopping off the hand that feeds it. It is so sad.”

With legislation like C-48, Trudeau shows once again that his loyalty is to foreign elites and radical organizations, not to the Canadian people and not to the Canadian industry.

Canada has a PM who is actively working against the prosperity and success of our country, and hurting some of the communities that need jobs and investment the most.

If C-48 passes the Senate, it’s almost certain that the Eagle Spirit pipeline project will be crushed, meaning $16 billion in investment lost. With many tens of billions of investment already having left the country, and tens of billions more on the verge of fleeing, how long until Trudeau’s economic damage reaches the half a trillion mark?

Click here to visit the GoFundMe page fighting against Trudeau’s Bill C-48

Spencer Fernando

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Sewer Rat

Why do we put up with this doofus? The West needs to get out. Especially Alberta. Trudeau is doing exactly what many said he would do if elected to office. If his dad couldn’t kill Alberta with the NEP, then he will do it through restrictions and carbon taxes. How much more are we willing to take?

Clive Edwards

The Senior Turdeau’s “National Energy Policy” was butterflies and unicorns compared to what the Junior Turdeau is doing to Alberta, for he is doing it to all Canadians. You are right, however – the only way to fix our broken country is to de-confederate and if our people choose to re-confederate we need to choose a different model.

Brad Thompson

Yes this may be true with Eagle Spirit pipeline losing the ability to tide water, however they are or should be negotiating with Alaska, Trudeau cannot stop tanker traffic off of Alaska and it would not cost a whole lot more money because Alaska has a pan handle almost 1/2 way down BCs west coast.

Scott Heron

That is very true, come on America make a deal with Eagle Spirit


Yay! Sure glad to see this, the results of the eastern idiots who were duped into thinking this imbecile was some kind of savior that would stop the injustice under Harper & the conservatives. I wonder if this idiot voters realize just what they managed to do with their choice of voting. There seems to be many now speaking out but I’d really like to know how many of this now complaining were on the abc/abh wagon the left media was pushing along with the forgein money & influence? With ANY luck, this imbecile will go down in history as… Read more »

russ browne

The Americans are already bringing oil down from Alaska in tankers on the same coast. Why does Trudeau think it’s ok to ship oil in tankers through Vancouver and the Gulf Islands which are heavily congested waterways surrounded by much larger populations and an equally fragile environment as the North?

Clive Edwards

“Remember the Exxon Valdez!” Perhaps Canada needs a policy of requiring all tankers entering Canadian coastal waters to be built and registered in Canada and have Canadian crews on board. Coming from a family that for generations were ship builders, this would help recover our Canadian ship building industry that was destroyed by the Cretin, another “Liberal” (i.e., “crooked”) prime minister.


I think this man needs a mandatory Psych evaluation. He has lost touch with reality and apparently lives in an altered dimension.

Scott Heron

That is putting it mildly


The man is nuts, no other explanation. He is a wannabe dictator trying to control Canadians by making us dependent upon him and his whims and ambitions. What a disgusting situation, too bad there are a lot of people who need to get their eyes wide open and realize what he is doing to us. Talk about controlling the population………………we have already lost some of our freedoms. What more does he have to do to us before it is obvious? We are headed for a revolt.

Clive Edwards

Perhaps Turdeau needs to enshrine the Right to “Dress up and take selfies” in the Charter. There are enough loopholes in our Charter to sail a tanker full of Saudi oil through.

Clive Edwards

I support the principal of pipelines and tankers, but the devil is in the details. Where are the Indians finding the money? Are our native brethren being used as meat-puppets for American multi-nationals, as they are in BC’s “run of river” power projects? A few Indians wearing white helmets posing for the camera to hide the fact that Westinghouse and others actually control these projects. Or is it Chinese money? We know it can’t be Canadian money, because we don’t have any. Which global banks are behind this?


YES, as I have forewarned he is ramping up his agenda/destruction as he heads to the election in 2019 so by then we will be completely under his full control , bankrupted and no desire to fight or live . This is his plan as he looks to being in complete control over canada and what is left of we canadians until he is ready to pass the torch on to someone else of the same mind. there will be no life here, no freedoms, no work, nothing- just like in the lands he so admires while he and his… Read more »


Time for the West to separate, repair the rail line to Churchill and to build a deep water port to move our goods. Enoughmis enough from these Country destroying Marxists! Viva Le’ Republic of Western Canada Libre’

Karen M

I have been studying new energy technology for a long time. In my opinion there are plenty of cutting edge alternatives out there that we can use to power our homes and our cars. It’s time we got of fossil fuel. Alberta needs to transition to a new industry for the sake of the ecosystem. I’m not a big fan of Trudeau, but I actually support this. are two good reference points for alternatives. In my opinion Big Oil is holding Canada hostage claiming there are no alternatives. We need a healthy ecosystem for the next generation. Let’s… Read more »


The best fuel for generating electricity is coal. Cheap and replenishing a little CO2 in the starving atmosphere. Also nuclear power allows for cheap energy and waste heat can heat-up greenhouses up in Canada. At this time the new technologies permit for plants to be safe and clean. Thorium fuel shall be considered as well. Best fuel for heating homes is natural gas, easy to distribute cheap to use, highly efficient. The only fuel for moving around is gasoline/Diesel. No ethanol from cereals! Solar power is excellent to use for a cottage in the bunnies. Same with the wind turbine… Read more »


Wow, you support cutting your legs off before you learn to fly. Those links provide nothing of substance. The entire world would like to find better energy alternatives, but not at the expense of feeding our children. Phasing out oil should take 25-30 years, perhaps more. You don’t do it overnight without major consequences.

Bob Fry

Justin Trudeau with the coaching of George Soros is going to complete his father’s dream of shutting down the Alberta Energy Industry. The Northern Gateway pipeline had the First Nations on board, but no Justin goes for the Kinder Morgan pipeline twinning into Burnaby B.C. Energy East pipeline across Canada is now a dead project thanks to the Liberals and their last moment new ruling about up line and down line emission, for God sake it’s a pipeline not a refinery. Justin Trudeau is going to step in at the 11th hour and save Kinder Morgan with offering security of… Read more »

Bob B

How does this PM Trudeau live with himself? He should be totally ashamed of himself and resign for all the political failures he’s creating in this country. God help us if he is elected again.

Norm Potter

What about all the east coast tanker traffic coming into Montreal refineries?

Bob Smith

You morons voted for this twat? Really? No pity

Pissed Albertan

Well….VERY WELL said


It’s seems to me he’s creating his own dictatorship. If this sticks then the east has control over the entire energy sector. He will screw is over worse than his dad. The only way to get our oil out will be through the US or through the east. Can you imagine the pain of having the east dictate this. They are jealous and don’t see that the energy sector keeps their wages flowing…. I am sick of his BS he should be gone. I wonder if this is the change people wanted?