VIDEO: Scheer Rips Trudeau For “Trying To Rig The Next Election” With Bill C-76

Scheer says Trudeau is “imposing punitive rule changes on his opponents,” and making it easier for “U.S.-style super PACs” to spend tons of money on elections.

As I recently reported, Justin Trudeau’s bill C-76 elections ‘reform’ bill is a disaster.

Not only has the former elections watchdog said the bill fails to safeguard Canadians private info, but it also makes it easier for third-party political action committees (Super PACs), to spend tons of money in the electoral process.

Those are the same types of groups that are running totally dishonest ads against Doug Ford in Ontario as we speak, and when their funding is traced it often goes back to foreign organizations.

Yet, at the same time Trudeau is changing the laws to let Super PACs (like the kinds that spent millions demonizing Stephen Harper in 2015) spend more money, he’s restricting the amount that political parties can spend.

And it’s all because the Conservatives are out-fundraising the Liberals by millions of dollars.

As I recently said, “Justin Trudeau is realizing that the more he angers Canadians, the more people are donating to his political opponents in an effort to defeat him. So, rather than listen to the Canadian people and make some changes, he’s rigging the political system to hurt his opponents and benefit himself.”

In Question Period, Andrew Scheer challenged Trudeau on his attempt to rig the system:

As Scheer pointed out, when Trudeau doesn’t get his way, he just changes the rules. It’s dangerous for our democracy, and it’s happening at the same time as others are warning about the “totalitarian” tendencies of the government.

It becomes more and more clear that the longer Trudeau is in power, the more our democracy is eroded and being taken away from us.

Spencer Fernando

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