WATCH: Raitt Reminds McKenna That Driving Isn’t A “Choice” For Canadians

The arrogant and out-of-touch Trudeau Liberals fail to realize that most of us don’t get everything handed to us by the taxpayers.

Everybody with common sense knows that Canada’s carbon tax won’t do anything to change global emissions.

As I said on Twitter, “Our country must not let the Trudeau government get away with the total fraud of saying hitting Canadians with a carbon tax can impact the global climate. It can’t. What matters is emissions from big emitters like China and India. Saying otherwise is nothing but deception.”

However, the Trudeau Liberals have no common sense at all, and they keep trying to sell the lie that we need a carbon tax.

With gas prices, grocery prices, and prices for almost everything else skyrocketing – and being made worse because of carbon taxes, the Trudeau government is arrogantly doubling down.

Their latest talking point is that the carbon tax gives Canadians the ‘chance’ to make “better choices,” as if buying gas so we can drive and buying groceries so we can eat is somehow a choice.

Well, Lisa Raitt – someone who actually knows what it’s like to make tough money decisions – spoke up for the millions of Canadians who are being crushed by rising prices:

McKenna’s responses are absurd. She actually expects us to believe that Canada is having more forest fires and droughts because the Harper government didn’t impose a carbon tax.

How can anyone believe that BS?

Are we going to see fewer forest fires and fewer droughts now that the Trudeau government is imposing a carbon tax?

Of course not. All we’re going to see is more of our money being taken away by a government of arrogant entitled elitists who never saw a pocket they didn’t want to loot.

Spencer Fernando

Photos – Twitter

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Very hard to acknowledge those idiotic liberal policies …HARDER to look at hot potato mouth climate barbie with her urge to shout and her gesticulating hand as though she were milking the cow while uttering platitudes


Forest fires are natural phenomenon (unless ignited by arsonists, hipsters, leftist enviro-mentalists). That’s nature’s way to control undergrowth & sick/withering trees. And, that’s how we got our coal. Without forest fires there would be no new growth.


This is a very old NDP platform. I remember before an election, three NDP gentlemen coming to our farm looking for votes of course, and thought they could sell farmers on the idea that cities should be built up not out, because they take too much farm land, all people in cities should not be able to drive, but take public transportation, so pollution would go down. Like most farms in southern Ontario, I needed to work in the city, so needed to drive there so I explained this and they said I would have to leave the vehicle outside… Read more »


As you say ..all those idiots take the bus ..the rest of us drive ..I’m positive it will make a difference lol


Has any of our Opposition Politicians demanded that the Liberals prove their Climate Tax has an effect on climate? I would also like to see their proof that peoplekind affect climate.

Elizabeth Thorne

I will continue to take action to make sure this pin head and 183 other Liberals will defeated in 2019. Enough is enough.


Elizabeth Thorne, This is what is required to make a change next year! Canadians need to get there game face on and spread the word, so many examples why we should never vote Liberals in again, not that I have ever. Keep up the great work!!


Tax dollars wasted. Dorval Airport should not have been re-named after Justin’s father. Justins Dad had wanted Mirabel built. Ít wasted taxpayers dollars. Justin just like his Dad out of touch with reality. The born with the silver spoon mindset. Frankly I think the police should be investigating who Justin and his relatives got their drugs from and why is Justin fixed on a date to pass the marihuana laws rather seeking to do things in a just manner? Is he maybe afraid of being charged? Can he be?

P Toth

All the Conservatives need to do during the next election, is play clips like this over and over again. Once the average hard working Canadian sees just how out of touch, and how far to the idiotic left the Liberals have gone, crowding that space with the NDP. Canadians will vote in a majority Conservative government based on those video clips alone! Liberals…..they really are this stupid!

Kevin Carmichael

This is an aside. I’m conservative through and through, but I’m really tired of those rude Tory back benchers shouting crap over the responses. It not only makes it hard to hear, it comes off as rude and assinine. Makes our party look bad. It’s like they’re at a hockey game or something.


What a joke. Did all those liberals ride the bus this morning. Once I’d like to see questions answered with a response. What a joke this country is. Trudeau. You need to resign.