WATCH: Raitt Reminds McKenna That Driving Isn’t A “Choice” For Canadians

The arrogant and out-of-touch Trudeau Liberals fail to realize that most of us don’t get everything handed to us by the taxpayers.

Everybody with common sense knows that Canada’s carbon tax won’t do anything to change global emissions.

As I said on Twitter, “Our country must not let the Trudeau government get away with the total fraud of saying hitting Canadians with a carbon tax can impact the global climate. It can’t. What matters is emissions from big emitters like China and India. Saying otherwise is nothing but deception.”

However, the Trudeau Liberals have no common sense at all, and they keep trying to sell the lie that we need a carbon tax.

With gas prices, grocery prices, and prices for almost everything else skyrocketing – and being made worse because of carbon taxes, the Trudeau government is arrogantly doubling down.

Their latest talking point is that the carbon tax gives Canadians the ‘chance’ to make “better choices,” as if buying gas so we can drive and buying groceries so we can eat is somehow a choice.

Well, Lisa Raitt – someone who actually knows what it’s like to make tough money decisions – spoke up for the millions of Canadians who are being crushed by rising prices:

McKenna’s responses are absurd. She actually expects us to believe that Canada is having more forest fires and droughts because the Harper government didn’t impose a carbon tax.

How can anyone believe that BS?

Are we going to see fewer forest fires and fewer droughts now that the Trudeau government is imposing a carbon tax?

Of course not. All we’re going to see is more of our money being taken away by a government of arrogant entitled elitists who never saw a pocket they didn’t want to loot.

Spencer Fernando

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