CISC Warns That Violent MS-13 Gang Seeks To Set Up Cells In Canada, Exploiting Our Weak Border

Trudeau’s weakness could put more Canadians at risk.

Justin Trudeau likes to project the image that his border policy is about ‘compassion.’

Yet, his compassion only seems to go one way.

He seems to feel an obligation towards non-citizens who cross into our country illegally, while doing nothing for our own Canadian citizens.

Now, we are learning how Trudeau’s weak border policy could put many more Canadians at risk.

As reported by Joe Warmington in the Toronto Sun, “The federal government has warned Canadian police services “violent” gangs known for cutting off the heads of victims are attempting to sneak across U.S.-Canada border points to avoid President Donald Trump’s changing immigration policy, The Toronto Sun has learned. The classified “Alert” from Criminal Intelligence Service Canada (CISC) warns “violence linked to the MS-13 is often described as brutal, from senseless beatings to dismemberment.”

Warmington points out that, according to a CSIS report, “It also suggested “influx of Salvadoran migrants is expected throughout 2018 and 2019 requesting asylum in response to the removal of their Temporary Protected Status (TPS) in the United States. It tells cops and border security people “MS-13 members will likely exploit the migration of Salvadorians to Canada to set up new cells, most likely in the Greater Toronto Area, Montreal and Vancouver.”’

Of course, we all know that if Trudeau hadn’t given the impression through his Tweet, and through his pathetically weak border policies that Canada was totally open to everyone just walking in, people losing protected status in the US wouldn’t even be trying to get into Canada.

But now, because Trudeau refuses to show respect for our borders, Canada is now at risk of seeing rising numbers of a violent gang.

Now, we definitely see that Trudeau’s idea of ‘compassion’ doesn’t apply to Canadian citizens.

It’s outrageous that a sovereign country doesn’t have control of its border. As many have pointed out, it’s tough to really be called a country when the borders aren’t under control. And not only is Trudeau refusing to toughen up the border, the government has created massive incentives for those who cross illegally, including travel to their ‘preferred destination,’ housing, welfare payments, and work permits.

Plus, 99% of those who crossed illegally are still in the country, which sends a message that someone gets their foot in the door they’re in for good.

All of this causes many Canadians to ask: Just who the hell is Justin Trudeau really working for?

Spencer Fernando

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If our lying foreign funded traitor of a hate Canada prime minister and his gang of lying thugs is not enough problem. Surely this deceiving unethical terrorist gang that we are stupidly paying for, should be arrested and charged for their traitorous crimes to the Canadian people and the destruction they are causing, to our country. Why have they not been arrested?? Are there any Canadians left in our government?? What are Canadians and companies paying taxes for. We don’t have a country or a government of any kind or laws to help and protect us, no police, no RCMP,… Read more »

Brian Dougan

Spencer; “Who the hell is Trudeau really working for?” The answer is contained within your sentence. He’s unwittingly(?) working for the Prince of Darkness.


We know who Trudeau works for and paid by. GEORGE SOROS. The new world order which included open borders. Now you see it ans now you know why Trudeau abd party are foing nothing about it. Wake up Canada a fight fir your country.


The primary function for the Federal Government is federalism, law and order and most importantly DEFENSE/SECURITY of the nation….ie BOARDER security to protect Canadians against foreign invaders. That’s it, that’s all. Even infrastructure takes second place to those 3 primary functions. And right now the Trudeau regime can’t do any of them.


Can’t do anything, WON’T. He can’t be
Booted soon enough. He’s a disgrace.


Trudeau is our destruction!!!

Shawn Harris

Trudeau and his Liberal party and their supporters have created by themselves the image and message that they are now the ANTI- CANADA AND ANTI- CANADIAN PARTY. Trudeau has so far deliberately done everything he could to undermine and destroy both our oil industry and economy, so as to create a closed national economy that causes investors and businesses to both flee Canada and to send a clear message that Canada is now closed for business. That message and image is now being challenged by business leaders across Canada and they are saying that the can’t compete under these heavy… Read more »


Truer words were never spoken-“Justine” has only one thing in mind….fulfilling the socialist agenda of his “fuddle duddle” dad.
He could care less about Canadians, in general-his main interest is HIM-in front of a camera, shaking hands with potential voters, smiling and looking like he is successful and will win the next election-let us all work to make his worst nightmare come true-defeat the idiot who has caused so much grief to Canadians-vote for Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives!!

Tommy Hawk

Trudeau, with his ‘open borders’ policy, has by that move alone, indicated to all the world that in fact we are no longer a sovereign country.

In any dictionary I have checked that act, in and of itself, is called ‘treason.’

Why debate the obvious?

Glen Bailey

I agree with you all.But please spell b.o.r.d.e.r. correctly.

Melody Aldred

Until we protect our preborn people we reap what we see…. Our country is under the curse of innocent bloodshed. Canada needs to end the killing of its most fragile innocent people through legal abortion.

Wendy Lush

MS-13 gang members, ISIS jihadis, Nigerian scammers, sex offenders, benefit fraudsters, criminals on the run, hustlers, freeloaders, … whatever. All part Justin’s One World fantasy, no matter the cost.

Diversity is our strength, right?


Trudeau proves daily that if he had a brain, he would be even more dangerous than he is now

Clive Edwards

Don’t worry, once the novelty and “Atta boy” surrounding our “New Canadians” wears off, Turdeau or whoever replaces him will screw these people too. Their usefulness only exists before they assimilate. As for the gangs, whether new or existing, I believe in the Dali Lama’s admonition, “If someone comes with their gun to shoot you, you should take your gun and shoot them”. The Tibetans lost to the Chinese because while they resisted the Chinese invaders, they did so with cavalry and lances and swords while the Chinese had guns, armor and planes. Of course, under Canadian law only officers… Read more »

Anthony Woodford

time to close our borders. to anyone that refuses to come here legally.. #TRUDEAUGONE2019


time to close our borders. to anyone that refuses to co.e here legally.. #TRUDEAUGONE2019