Doug Ford Promises Middle Class Tax Cuts

After years of reckless wasteful spending and tax hikes, there is a desperate need for tax relief.

Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford says he will cut taxes for the middle class if he wins the upcoming election.

Ford says the middle rate will be brought down by 20%:

“The PC’s will put more money in your pocket. We will deliver a tax cut to middle class families by reducing the second, middle class tax bracket by 20%. Saving taxpayers as much as $786/yr. Our plan is affordable, responsible and modest.”

With Ontarians being hit with Wynne’s cap and trade carbon tax, energy costs that exploded under the Liberals, and increasing amounts of money diverted from frontline services towards elitist bureaucrats at the top, there is a huge need for tax relief and a more efficient and effective government.

Both Wynne and Horwath are promising policies that will have the result of taking more money out of the pockets of Ontarians while enriching government, meaning Ford and the PCs are the only party offering tax relief. And while the elites may dismiss it, $786 can make a big difference for many families.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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The government employees have benefits that the majority of taxpayers dont have out there. Taxpayers pay for those benefits that they dont have. The provincial government has too many employees on the public purse. Provincial funding for immigration must stop right now, the infrastructure for roads is not there at the moment. Let the federal look after immigration financially. If they dont have the money, then we have to slow down immigration in Ontario, built the infrastructure first and take care of THOSE WHO ARE NOW LIVING IN ONTARIO.