Ford Leading In Polls Despite Rampant Media Bias

It’s obvious that much of the elitist media wants either Kathleen Wynne or Andrea Horwath to win.

The media used to be far less biased. However, with media organizations increasingly concentrated in a few cities, a smaller and smaller range of perspectives are being heard.

And among the perspectives being ignored the most are the views of everyday citizens.

This increased bias has benefited Liberal left-wing elites, while working against Conservatives and common sense candidates.

Now, that’s exactly what we’re seeing in the Ontario election, as media coverage has taken a biased, anti-Doug Ford turn.

That can be seen in the overall coverage, and even more so in how a reporter tried asking a “gotcha question” which that same reporter hasn’t asked other leaders:

Watch the clip below:

The reporter was clearly looking to create their own news, rather than report the news. Notice how the question sounds like something one of Ford’s opponents would have asked, rather than a usual question.

This is why Ford is totally justified in producing his own videos and bypassing the elitist media.

What makes this all more interesting is the fact that Ford still leads in the polls, despite much of the media trying to take him down.

That’s because an increasing number of people can see past the left-wing bias of the media, and are refusing to be manipulated.

In fairness, much of this bias is probably not something some of the media is even aware of. I’ve worked for different newspapers in the past, and the truth is that most journalists try to be fair, but most journalists also have views that skew far to the left of the average person. As a result, there is a bias that sneaks out in many ways, both subtle and obvious, and it’s a bias that almost always goes against Conservatives and benefits the Liberals and the NDP.

What this all means is that Ford is not only running against the Liberals and NDP, he’s also running against the media in many ways.

Because of that, the voices of the grassroots are more important than ever. With the elites at the top fighting to stop the Ford PCs, it will take an electoral uprising by voters to bring Ontario’s governance back into reality.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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a Trump episode of sorts !!! but who is really winning ? the voters who voted for real change and have not abandoned the candidate


Yes you are so right again, Spencer never mind the attack twits etc on social media. Our media wonders why no one wants their newspapers, I used to read them daily, but not for years now as they are just Lieberal/NDP one party, garbage news now, who wants to pay for that, but they keep calling, It is another thing about Doug Ford I like, he knows this, and refused to supply a media bus on his campaign, since he does not care to have his words twisted against him, says a lot about our crooked media and the Lieberal/NDP… Read more »


Never accept polls at face value. I believe their purpose is to push the “group think” on the population. There are so many fools out there that believe what media spews and think, oh, my person will never win, so might as well go with a second choice, or perhaps not vote at all. The media is hoping to push this effect out to the masses and bait us. I really wish polls were not allowed, but better still I wish we had an independent, honest media with real journalists.

Ralph Knapp

media bias will help elect Ford.

Elizabeth Thorne

What roll is George Soros playing to keep Ford from winning. Left, left, slide.