VIDEO: Trudeau Caught In Blatant Lie After He Denies Saying Higher Gas Prices Are “Exactly What We Want”

He said he didn’t say it, but it was caught on tape.

Justin Trudeau recently said that higher gas prices are “exactly what we want,” and said it would make Canadians have “better behavior.”

The comments exhibited Trudeau’s total arrogance and elitist attitude, and makes it clear that’s he deliberately driving up prices on Canadians.

After a backlash for the comments, and after he was confronted about the comments in Question Period, he decided to take responsibility and apologize to Canadians for being so out of touch…

No, I’m just kidding. Of course he didn’t do that.

Instead, he lied, and denied saying it at all.

Except, it was caught on tape.

You can watch the evidence for yourself in the video below:

Trudeau accidentally admits the true purpose of the carbon tax

Trudeau is desperate to deny the comments he made, because those comments were too honest. Bringing in a carbon tax is 100% about fleecing Canadians and making everything more expensive. Trudeau forgot his talking points and actually revealed that truth, and it’s a truth Canadians won’t like as we get ripped off everywhere.

So, Trudeau now had to backtrack and pretend he never said it, so he can go back to his original dishonest talking points on the carbon tax.

But since it’s caught on tape, he’s just revealed himself once again as a liar who thinks he can get away with anything. He was lying about the carbon tax, then he accidentally told the truth about it, now he’s lying about accidentally telling the truth about it.

It’s pathetic.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Surely there is more than enough to im-peach or get this foreign lying destructive government to leave Canada, go to globalist dictators treasonous kakisyocracy (this is a word meaning absolute worst governing) land before they take everything off of us. They are working their hardest to cause a rebellion so they can bring in their UN globalist dictators to take over. it could get worse than Venezuela we could end up like Syria, I was told by a Syrian man it is exactly how things started in Syria, and he feels afraid. If somehow we could peacefully make the Canada… Read more »

Shawn Harris

It has been said that you can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time and now Trudeau has just proven that old saying true. Or more precisely you can try and deceive the people some of the time but you can never deceive all of the people all of the times as Trudeau believes he can. Trudeau is working so hard to prove to Canadians that he doesn’t deserve to be PM, he just can’t help but be true to his own arrogant deceitful, devious and… Read more »

Ralph Knapp

Lie and deny – the Trudeau and Wynne code of “ethics.”

louis joannette

it is a hidden tax that only increases the gouv coffin / beside having bad judgement he is punishing the hard worker of Canada by the hidden tax. the gouv should concentrate in finding a way to sell our aluminium in trade / to make aluminium it takes a tremendous amount of electric power and only in Quebec can produce aluminium without pollution / in China, they still use charcoal to produced electric power thus producing a tremendous amount of pollution. it might be the cause of our lousy weather.


Check out Kemano and Kitimat B.C.

Civil Civilian

Exactly what we want is this bruised fruit to decompose


I was at a MARCH FOR LIFE today at the Alberta Legistrature. Many signs were around for the protection of the unborn. One sign out of the ordinary read ‘ Make Justin Trudeau a drama teacher again’.
I am so sick of that jihadi trudeau and his pompous jackasses the reporters.

Ron Voss

Caught lying? Lying is his mother tongue.

Eric Blair

The “we” he is referring to is Gerald Butts and himself and maybe Morneau. Speaking of which I saw on BNN Bloomberg yesterday the CEO of Sun Life also say that Canada is in some form of trouble. How many is that now who have said that Canada is in trouble though it will take a number of years for the trouble to manifest. More to the point is Brett Wilson speaking to Catherine Murray on BNN Bloomberg about Trudeau. This guy does not pull his punches when it comes to Trudeau. Got to love listen to him. Catch it… Read more »


When Justin with vulgarity manhandled a Tory MP and the Tory MP did not charge him it told me a lot, about some Tories, and some Tory leadership and Trudeau! I am a PC Tory but I am fed up that too often the leadership points fingers and does nothing that deals with things with they can! Hypocrisy simply or is it much more stink? As for taxes Justin is doing just like others have have before, grab and grab and grab. For too many Canadians they are too content with the tax grabs from gas..It is a direct tax… Read more »