An ISIS Fighter Who Told Media He Executed People Is Living In Toronto. So Why Hasn’t The Trudeau Government Dealt With Him?

The man going by the name Abu Huzaifa al-Kanadi is talking to the media about horrific actions, yet the Trudeau government won’t tell Canadians why he’s being allowed to walk free.

A man calling himself Abu Huzaifa al-Kanadi says he executed people by shooting them in the back of the head while he was fighting with ISIS in Syria.

Now, he’s back in Toronto, talking to the media about his crimes, and walking free.

According to the CP, al-Kanadi “told a New York Times podcast that he shot people in the head as an executioner for Islamic State militants in Syria.”

Conservative House Leader Candice Bergen ripped the Trudeau Liberals for their inaction:

“This individual is speaking freely to the media. The government has got to know where he is. The media are reporting this individual is in Toronto, right now, as we speak. Can the government confirm it? Why isn’t this government doing something?”

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale responded, saying he couldn’t talk about “operational matters” in the House of Commons.

Bergen pushed back, saying “This guy is apparently in Toronto. Canadians deserve more answers from this government. Why aren’t they doing something about this despicable animal?”

Trudeau government can’t be trusted on security

According to reports, Abu Huzaifa was actually interviewed by both the RCMP and CSIS last year, but never faced charges. So obviously, if he’s now talking to the media about killings there was a massive security failure.

A self-admitted ISIS killer is walking the streets of a Canadian city, and the government expects us to believe they are keeping us safe?

Abu Huzaifa should never have been allowed back in the country, and it’s absurd that the government didn’t charge him. And if no action is taken now, it will send a clear message that Canada’s government weakness has reached never-before seen levels, with returning ISIS fighters allowed to return with impunity and talk about their crimes without any consequence.

Yet again, the Trudeau government appears to be treating our security as an afterthought, while prioritizing the ‘rights’ of people who oppose everything Canada is supposed to stand for.

It’s an absolute disgrace.

Spencer Fernando

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Wendy Lush

Why hasn’t Trudeau dealt with this ISIS sympathizer? Heck, he IS one of them, that’s why!

All part of Caliph Trudeau’s hidden agenda.


This gender/ minority prioritized cabinet is pathetic. The level of incompetence is truly beyond all belief. They couldn’t administrate a picnic. This is what happens when you hire a snowboard instructor to manage a g7 country because he promised legal weed. Pathetic. Canada your being scuttled.

Sewer Rat

Nicely said.

Ron Werner

Trudeau said before he got elected that if a terrorist act happened on Canadian soil he wouldn’t do a bloody thing. Takes someone with a spine to be a leader of a country. He’s proven he hasn’t one. Too busy getting selfies and trying to please ALL of Peoplekind.

Moe S.

Ralph Goodale, has NO Credibility and NO competency. There are MS-13 gang members flooding into Canada, a former ISIS executioner and 60 Canadian ISIS terrorists who have returned home from fighting overseas according to CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence) ALL of these people are killers, murders, and a menace to civil societies. There are NO statements from Trudeau, his Minister of Immigration, Ralph Goodale, Provincial Premiers, or Opposition Leaders. This news is merely met with a mere YAWN from our Politicians. Who the hell are they protecting? It’s pretty obvious these politicians ARE NOT PROTECTING CANADIAN CITIZENS!

Rod Blair

Ralph you are going to look very incompetent when one of the terrorists goes off the rails


A total embarrassment.

Brian Dougan

I’m going to posit that every human being has an innate sense of morality and justice. A moral compass; if you will. It may have become corrupted; but it’s still there. It’s as if Trudope’s has been heavily anesthetized, and no longer points to true north. Where is the outrage??? This ought to be front page news. It should be the lead news story on TV. The paper tiger conservatives will roar in the House of Commons; but nothing will be done. This horrid mob style executioner walks free; in the “new” Canada. Brags about it to the media. The… Read more »

Brian Dougan

A further thought on Trudeau, and his gender balanced cabinet. What a dangerous bunch. If they were bacteria; they would be syphilis. This country’s brain is shot; so it must be the latter stages of the disease. Canada was seduced by Trudope the Elder in 1968. Voters were hypnotized by “Trudeaumania,” and jumped into bed with him. Little did they know that Promiscuous Pierre had a load of sexually transmitted diseases. (Social engineering plans for the “new ” Canada.) Canada became infected…and is now in the latter stages of Pierre Trudope’s mind rotting political disease.

Brian Dougan

I forgot to mention the result of the Canadian voters love affair with Pierre Trudeau: Canada became pregnant with his “love child.” She gave birth many year later to……The “new” Canada’s illegitimate “leader.” Justin Trudeau!

John Giles

When a person who has openly admitted to crimes (as an ISIS team member)against people from Canada & or other fellow democratic countries by this ISIS terrorist in Syria & has been allowed into Canada by the Trudeau Gov’t; this man must be put in jail before he kills more innocent people. This shows how dangerous the current Liberal gov’t immigration rules are for our fellow Canadian citizens.

Sewer Rat

He SHOULD be charged with treason!


Justine, why don’t you just quit now instead of being soundly defeated in 2019, because we all know you don’t have the “balls” or the intellect to do the job! Just do the right thing Justine-you know you’re in way over your head and don’t have a clue what to do next!!


if only he would…’s not going to happen….


Frankly it seems from the actions of Justin and his government that there should be an investigation of the man! In the past he and Jean Chretien were seen on the internet to be making a joke about corruption, the assault and battery in the so called Shawinigan Handshake matter. Corruption and terrorism need to be dealt with as does the illegal immigration some seem to be almost encouraging?

Brian Kienitz

Sadly, with Trudeau and the Liberal Governments past history the next headlines could read about how much money they will be paying these terrorists and murderers!

Rod Blair

Take up our quarrel with the foe
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch, be yours to hold it high
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders field
Author forgotten


Let’s not forget the promise to track & keep tabs on these security risks, when they get here. How much is this going to cost us? Millions. I say leave them over there, or put them in prison. Then that $ saved can be put towards the vets instead & have Canadians breathe a sigh of relief.