Ontario PCs Warn About Radical-Left NDP Candidate In North

NDP Candidate Ramsey Hart “dedicated his entire career to attacking the mining industry — shutting down mines, and forcing miners out of a job,” says Ford.

The Ontario PC Party is warning about a radical leftist NDP candidate, saying Andrea Horwath is “hiding real NDP agenda to destroy jobs in the North.”

The warning came before a party leaders debate in northern Ontario.

“Now we know Andrea will claim that she will fight for the North today. But after she is done in the North she will head back to Toronto and huddle with a group of radical special interests who would like nothing more to than to destroy Northern Ontario’s resource sector,” said Ford. “In fact, the NDP is even recruiting these radical special interests as their star candidates.”

Ford focused on Ramsey Hart NDP candidate for Lanark-Frontenac and Kingston. In a release, the PCs said “Before signing on to Andrea Horwath’s NDP, Ramsey Hart was a professional anti-mining activist who spent years attacking Northern Ontario development at a radical special interest group called ‘MiningWatch’.”

“Ramsey Hart did not just make one or two negative comments about the mining industry. He dedicated his entire career to attacking the mining industry — shutting down mines, and forcing miners out of a job,” added Ford. “It is his personal crusade.”

While the Ford PCs lead in the polls, many surveys show the NDP surpassing the Liberals and moving into second place. Horwath has been attempting to project a centrist, moderate image that covers up for the far-left radicalism at the core of her party.

Millions of people are concerned about the NDP potentially gaining power, considering the serious economic damage they’ve inflicted on Manitoba, B.C., and Alberta in recent years, not to mention their disastrous reign over Ontario under Bob Rae.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Bob Rae, now a Lieberal, The Lieberals will now help the NDP to win as it is all the same party, same agenda. So now we could have Andrea Horwath Days instead of Bob Rae days, but teachers liked that so they are going to support the NDP/Lieberal party, as they made so much tax payer money off the Lieberal/NDP government. My neighbour makes an extra $20,000.+ a year as a part time school trustee, and is out canvassing for the NDP/Lieberals, because if that is who the teachers are voting for, it must be the best???? He wants a… Read more »

Hardy Bunn

The Liberal government under the leadership of McGuinty and followed by Wynne did its own share of closing Ontario to mining, illegally and fraudulently — see the Solid Gold scandal for evidence.