REPORT: Canada Lost 1,100 Jobs In April

Economists had predicted 20,000 jobs would be created.

Canada lost 1,100 jobs in April, a far cry from what economists were predicting.

While Stats Canada says wages increased by 3.6% (inflation is also increasing), the employment trend so far in 2018 is concerning.

As noted by the Financial Post, “Since the start of the year, Canada’s labour force has shrunk by 25,500 and employment is down by 41,400.”

The unemployment rate remains at a low 5.8%, but many have pointed out that it’s a misleading stat, since it doesn’t include those who have given up looking for work.

The workforce participation rate can be a more realistic measure, and it fell from 65.5% to 65.4%.

14,800 services jobs were created, but that was more than offset by the 15,900 goods-producing jobs that were lost. Many of those lost jobs were in the construction industry.

The youth unemployment rate also increased to 11.1%.

Overall, the economy is seen as slowing down, with more and more people warning about the loss of investment and Canada’s declining competitiveness.

Spencer Fernando

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We are in desperate need of a real grass roots for Canada Government, with a Canadian agenda, for the people of Canada. Not this out of control greedy rich people spending on their private agendas out of Canada while having a fun time destroying our Canada.

Shawn Harris

Canada will never have a strong and prosperous economy as long as Trudeau is doing everything he can to close down our economy. Trudeau’s decisions on the economy have been predictable, in that he was warned that he is costing Canada jobs, investments and businesses. Trudeau has sent a clear message that he wants Canada closed down to all investors and businesses.He and his finance minister Morneau are so delusional and ignorant about how a trillion dollar economy functions, that they actually believe that investors and businesses want and even demand that they be burdened with high taxes, strangulating regulations… Read more »


I bet that dolt Trudeau get elected again.

Sewer Rat

Trudeau’s transgender/feminist budget showing in all its glory!