WATCH: Horwath Leaves Open The Possibility Of Nightmare NDP-Liberal Coalition

Imagine how high taxes would go in a NDP-Liberal coalition government.

Andrew Horwath says she’s running as a candidate of change.

Yet, she’s leaving the door open to a coalition between the NDP and the Wynne-Liberals.

In a recent interview, Horwath refused to shut down the idea of governing with the Liberals – even after being given numerous opportunities to say no to the idea.

With her ‘answer’ to the question, Horwath is showing that her message of ‘change’ is totally false, as she’s willing to potentially prop up the Wynne Liberals, or give the Wynne Liberals the balance of power in the next government – even if the Ford PCs get far more votes and far more seats.

Watch Horwath’s comments below:

Such a nightmare coalition would see shocking tax increases, record levels of waste, and ballooning of Ontario’s debt to even worse levels.

This means that a Doug Ford majority is the only sure possibility for positive change

By refusing to rule out an NDP-Liberal coalition, Horwath is sending a message to everybody, especially conservative and centrist voters in Ontario: Doug Ford is the only option for positive change. Horwath is willing to put her brand on Wynne’s reckless spending and high-tax policies, or prop-up a Wynne-led government.

But that can only happen if the Ford PCs win a minority government. If they get a majority, there would be no threat of a Liberal-NDP nightmare coalition.

That makes the choice in the Ontario election incredibly stark: Lower taxes and respect for taxpayers under a Ford majority government, or massive tax increases under Wynne/Horwath.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Tim Chapman

PC’s were in majority territory before Doug decided to toss the person who actually got him the leadership in Tanya Grannic Allen…. She was the one main person the Libs had to get out of the GTA and they succeeded. Shame on Doug for falling for their crap – and shame on him for not standing with Tanya the way she stood with him.

Ralph Knapp

Last I checked, PC’s are still in majority territory, Tim.

Norbert Kausen

She will be no better than Wynne! she will also continue to drive Ontario deeper into debt!

Sewer Rat

I don’t need to imagine. Just look at how well the alliance between the NDP & Greens is going for BC.

Wendy Lush

Is this country cursed? I think so.

john Robinson

The left wing whack jobs are destroying our once great country. We have the man child Turdope, the wicked witch of Alberta Rachael Notley, the clueless wonder and his sidekick Horgan and Weaver. GOD HELP US