POLL: PCs Retain Strong Lead, NDP Moves Into Second

Wynne Liberals fall to third place.

The Ford-led PCs retain a strong lead in the Ontario election, as the NDP leapfrogs the Wynne Liberals and move into second place.

Here are the key results from the latest Mainstreet Research poll:

PCs 42.3%, NDP 28.4%, Liberals 22.1%, Greens 5.1%

Compared to the previous Mainstreet Research poll, the PCs are down 2.6% (within the margin of error), the NDP is up 7.1%, and the Liberals are down 6.1%.

Quito Maggi – Mainstreet Research CEO – said “While the topline numbers are downright frightening for the incumbent Liberals, the regional numbers reveal even worse news for Premier Wynne. While the PCs had a bad week and dipped in support, they maintain a very substantial lead.”

The PCs lead in all regions, with their narrowest lead in Toronto (up 5.8 points over the Liberals), and their largest lead in the GTA (up 24.9 points over the NDP).

Maggi said the above results would give the PCs a majority, with the NDP as the official opposition.

The difference between a majority and minority will be huge in the upcoming election. At this point, the PCs are under more pressure to achieve a decisive win. If the PCs fail to win a majority, Andrea Horwath has left open the possibility of a coalition with the Wynne Liberals. Such a coalition would be a nightmare, with taxes and spending skyrocketing to record levels.

Only a Ford majority can stop that coalition from happening.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Shawn Harris

It has been said before and many times, that payback can be sweet[being polite]. And the Liberals of Queen Kathleen are finally going to get the reward they have worked so very hard for over these last fifteen years. Let’s hope that not one single Liberal gets elected or re-elected.


If Doug Ford does not get a majority government, the people of Ontario are either nieve, self destructive, or the election was rigged and it is the finish of Ontario. Don’t they want to see how Wynne has wasted all our tax dollars, on her so called elitist friends. Don’t they want to have a strong province with a good job? etc.


Yes, The Ontario elites must vote Conservative this time to avoid a Liberal\NDP coalition aka quick end to confederation.


It is very hard to believe the Ontarian s still supporting Corruption! It is sad they are not getting in and finding out from reliable sources the Whole Sad Truth of the Liberals! I think we should start schools out with following Politics so that they can be better informed. Where to look for the Truth, not believing the given bias! You either ran a red light or you did not!


Read Aaron Clarey Enjoy the Decline