REPORT: Convicted Attempted Murderer Jaspal Atwal Charged With Uttering Threats

Atwal had previously attempted to assassinate a politician visiting Canada, and was invited to a state dinner with Justin Trudeau during the disastrous India trip.

Jaspal Atwal, the former extremist and attempted assassin who was invited to a state dinner with Justin Trudeau in India, has been charged with uttering threats.

The incident reportedly took place April 23rd.

Atwal will be in court on May 24th to face the charge of uttering threats to cause death or bodily harm.

Atwal was previously a member of a Khalistani terrorist group, and attempted to assassinate a visiting Indian politician in B.C. in 1986. He was also charged, but not eventually convicted after an attack on former B.C. Premier Ujjal Dosanjh.

Sophie Trudeau Jaspal Atwal

That’s what made Atwal’s invite by a Liberal MP to attend a state dinner in India with Trudeau so controversial. Atwal was photographed with Sophie Trudeau, and the Trudeau government later spread a since-discredited conspiracy theory blaming India for the invite, even after a Liberal MP took responsibility for it.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Aspi Maneckjee

Who did he threatened?


It just never ends, does it. Always something negative about the Liberals. I look forward to positive news regarding them whan we hear of their defeat in the next election.

We always have to be aware of fake news between now and then. If it is a positive story, it is verylikely fake news. Don’t believe it.