The Elites Are Desperately Creating A Fake Scandal Because Doug Ford Has A Big Lead Among Immigrants

Ford Nation is made up of people from every possible background. So the desperate elites are trying to manufacture a fake image of Ford to deceive the people and take that support away.

During a northern debate, Doug Ford made a comment that 99% of people agree with: It’s the job of the government to ensure that people currently living in communities get jobs as the top priority.

It’s basic economic common-sense: If there is high joblessness in a certain area, bringing in many more people to do jobs that don’t exist will just increase unemployment, leaving everybody worse off.

And yet, that total common sense answer is being skewed by the desperate and pathetic fool elites, in an attempt to make Doug Ford seem anti-immigrant.

So why are they making up lies?

Because Doug Ford has a big lead among immigrants.

According to a Macleans-Pollara poll“Ford’s party is in the lead among immigrants to Canada—40 per cent to 30 per cent for the Liberals, with the NDP pulling up the rear at 23 per cent—and among respondents whose parents were immigrants, at 43 per cent to 29 per cent for the Liberals and 21 per cent for the NDP.”

It’s also well-known that Ford Nation has strong support among immigrants and people of all backgrounds, and both Doug Ford and Rob Ford made outreach to new Canadians a core part of their governing style.

This is why they’re attacking Doug Ford so desperately and trying to turn his common sense statement into a fake scandal. They are doing everything they can to take Ford’s support away, and they aren’t above lying to do it. That’s why there was a simultaneous campaign by much of the elitist media, the Liberals, and the NDP to try and attack Ford over his comments.

The undeniable Truth is that Ford is leading among immigrants, and the lies from the elites are unlikely to change that fact. People want change, and only Ford offers lower taxes, government efficiency, and respect for taxpayers. That’s something that people of all backgrounds support.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter