WATCH: Bergen Rips Trudeau Government For Letting Confessed-ISIS Terrorist Come Back To Canada

“He should be arrested today. He should not be on the streets of Toronto,” says Bergen.

Conservative House Leader Candice Bergen ripped into the Trudeau government after it was revealed that an admitted ISIS fighter in Toronto was talking to the New York Times about how he executed people overseas.

As I reported yesterday, “A man calling himself Abu Huzaifa al-Kanadi says he executed people by shooting them in the back of the head while he was fighting with ISIS in Syria. Now, he’s back in Toronto, talking to the media about his crimes, and walking free.”

Bergen pointed out the massive hypocrisy of the Trudeau government who are all of a sudden saying they can’t talk about returning ISIS fighters, even though they’ve talked about them plenty of times before trying to defend their “ISIS re-integration” plan.

As Bergen made clear, it’s crazy that Huzaifa is allowed to walk free:

“This guy is apparently in Toronto. Canadians deserve more answers from this government. Why aren’t they doing something about this despicable animal?”

Watch Bergen’s remarks below:

Bergen is doing what the Trudeau government should be doing: Standing up for the security of the Canadian people.

It is absurd that the government let Huzaifa back into the country, and it’s even more absurd that nothing has been done about it.

How can anyone trust the government to keep us safe when returning ISIS terrorists are allowed to walk free and brag about their horrific crimes?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Facebook

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Moe S.

Apparently, Trudeau has been asked about this ISIS executioner living in Toronto. His response to the person asking him the question, about what the PM is going to do about this issue, he replied by stating people are being ‘divisive’ about the issue. Huh? So, people concerned about this ISIS terrorist are told by our Prime Minister they are ‘causing disunity’ which is what the word divisive means. Again, Trudeau’s mouth overwhelms his brain.

Laurie P

Imo, shooting people in the back of the head is more divisive than asking a question. Right??


Well well. Somebodys dictatorship is begining to crumble. Old Ralphie should do an hounorable jester and resign instead of bull craping the Canadian people. The Liberal plan of reintegration is crumbling and from the sounds of it CSIS is not investigating these ISIS fighters as they should have. Maybe Trudeau told them not to. How many others have committed these killings and are here in our country walking freely in our towns and cities. Trudeau is a traitor to this country and poor Ralphie is to scared to tell his boss tgfh.


The Conservatives for sure, again, should be able to have all these crooked Canada haters in their parliament arrested and locked up for treason and putting Canada and Canadians at risk, again. Can they really take no action, obviously, they are all criminals.


There is nothing the Conservative MP’s can do, about the crimes that Trudeau and his corrupt government are committing. The Liberials have the majority of seats, all of the NDP MP’s and 32 liberals MP’s would have to cross the floor over to the Conservative side to vote a non confidence motion, and that’s not going to happen. The corrupt liberal MP’s all got a big rise from there insane Leader dictator Trudeau, and the NDP MP’s are as bad and corrupt as the liberals are.

Norbert Kausen

Not only should Abu Huzaifa al-Kanadi be in prison, so should Trudeau, who has broken Canadian law, yet again, allowing this murdereous piee of excrement back into Canada!

Norbert Kausen

…piece of excrement…

Brian Mellor

Trudeau should be facing treason charges for his failure and negligence in providing Canadians the proper diligence of safety. Failing to enforce Canadian Laws. It is a dereliction of trust to the people of Canada that he give ISIS terrorists priority over the rights of peaceful law biding Canadians. Trudeau should be impeached and thrown in jail.


Ah Justin, all one need to do is watch and look at the pictures on the internet of Jean Chretien and him in regard to the Shawinigan Handshake matter? Criminal assault never mind torture and murder are criminal! Mocking, creating a GAG about a victim also seesm to intimifdate whenit is done by our leaders? Why did the current Tory leadership not charge Justin after the assault in the House of Commons? To me it begs serious question of the so called leadership of the Tories and the Grits, serious questions!? Criminal assault should be dealt with there and then… Read more »

Wendy Lush

Norbert Kausen,

‘piee of excrement’ is good, as in cow pie.


Trudeau should be jailed for treason.