Wynne Candidate Said Liberal Legacy Was “Destruction” & “Discrimination” In Rural Ontario

When Wynne’s own candidate sounds like an attack ad for the other party, it’s not a good sign.

Here’s a question. Who said the following in 2015?

“It is becoming apparent that the legacy of this term of government will be the destruction of and discrimination against rural Ontario, and the waste of literally billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money, both occasioned by the Green Energy Act and the complete lack of cost analysis and informed technical advice which should have preceded its introduction.”

It wasn’t the PCs.

It was the mayor of Prince Edward County, Robert Quaiff.

What’s Quaiff up to now?

He’s the Ontario Liberal candidate in Bay of Quinte.

Now, his past words are causing some big trouble for the Wynne Liberals.

Here’s something else Quaiff said about what he called “The undemocratic Green Energy Act…”

“…am calling on you to impose a moratorium on all new wind factories, including that of wpd White Pines, until the Green Energy Act is revisited, democracy is restored, and municipalities are again permitted to decide for themselves whether or not to host these devastating projects…”

Quaiff’s comments are exactly what you would expect to see in an ad from the Ontario PCs, and it’s no surprise they’re spreading the word about Quaiff’s comments.

The fact that even someone running for Wynne thinks the green energy act is “undemocratic” and says the Wynne government’s legacy is “destruction” of rural Ontario and “discrimination” against rural Ontario shows how much trouble the Liberals are in.

Quaiff has given even more credibility to what the PCs have been saying all along about the Wynne government’s obsession with centralizing power and ignoring the voices of local communities. So, Quaiff has given people yet another reason to vote for the only party that will decentralize power and respect local communities – the Ford PCs.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube