ABSURD: While Our Allies Revoke Citizenship From ISIS Terrorists, Trudeau Government Says They Have “Right To Return”

Federal government document says that when it comes to ‘Canadian’ ISIS terrorists, the government “must facilitate their return to Canada.”

According to a Global News report based on government documents detailing how Canada deals with returning ISIS terrorists, the government works to facilitate the return of the terrorists to Canadian territory, and has laws that aren’t crafted to successfully punish those who left our country to fight for an evil enemy.

The report casts doubt on whether returning ISIS terrorists will be charged, saying of those investigations “Often, they require evidence of an individual’s activity in foreign conflict zones, or rely on information provided by partners that we are not authorized to disclose in court,” according to the documents. “The RCMP also faces challenges in collecting digital evidence, including access to encrypted communications.”

Clearly as the threat of returning ISIS terrorists has grown since 2015 (the more ISIS loses on the battlefield the more terrorists return), the government has failed to give Canada’s security authorities the laws and resources they need to deal with the threat:

“While the government has provided few details about how it is dealing with “returnees,” the RCMP documents reveal the standard operating procedures that have been put in place, and underscore what police have been saying quietly for some time: that they are struggling to charge returning Canadians over their involvement in terrorism in countries like Syria, forcing them to look at other options.”

And here’s where the Trudeau government’s obsession with letting terrorists keep their citizenship is directly exposing Canadians to needless danger:

“Unlike the United Kingdom, which has revoked the citizenship of ISIS fighters so they cannot return, Canadians who go abroad to commit terrorism have a “right to return,” according to a Briefing Note prepared for Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale. “Therefore, even if a Canadian engaged in terrorist activity abroad, the government must facilitate their return to Canada,” said the document obtained by Global News.”

Think about that for a moment.

“Right to return.”

“Must facilitate their return to Canada.”

How the hell did we get in a situation where we are giving terrorists the ‘right’ to return and actually using government resources to help them come back to our country?

“Facilitate their return” means that taxpayer dollars are being spent making sure ISIS terrorists can come back into our country, even as the government refuses to change the laws to arrest those terrorists in Canada.

Absurdly, we are actually paying to put ourselves at risk.

Making this all even more insane is the fact that our close ally the UK is revoking the citizenship of ISIS terrorists. Our other allies like France and the US are actively eliminating those ISIS terrorists overseas so they can’t come back.

We could be doing the same things. Yet the Trudeau government refuses.

Canada appears to be the only country with a government so pathetically stupid that we’re spending our own taxpayers money to bring ISIS terrorists here.

That’s why Canadians have the right to be angry at the Trudeau government’s failure to stop ISIS fighters from coming back to Canada. There are things our allies are doing that could easily make our country much safer, yet the Trudeau government refuses to take action.

This federal government has abdicated their duty to keep Canadians safe.

Spencer Fernando

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Elizabeth Thorne

Yes, and they allow Imams in Canada to call for a caliphate. Silly me I always thought if a person called to overthrow a government they were a traitor. They should be charged with sedition perhaps and deported, that would be the sane thing to do.


Turdeau and his lemmings Have to be the Stupidest Govt Canada has ever had , led by the ignorant,arrogant, conceited ass hole Justin Turdeau


There is something very wrong with Canadian politics when a government is elected into power for the people and goes rogue and there’s not a damn thing Canadians can do to get them out of power! Government reform is a must with the new government in 2019! There must be a procedure in place for “we the people” just protect and save our country.

Ron Voss

Great point. We have seen how a majority government can turn into a totalitarian government and seemingly no recourse.


This fact has been most frustrating, Sandim. What a terrible flaw in the system of parliamentary government ie the inability to deal with (recall) a mad-hatter leader and rogue party. However, it calls into question our responsibility as citizens to know who these people really are before electing them to office.


unfortunately the options are nonexistant. All 3 parties are pretty much on with the global agenda. Its over.


Trudeau = insanity at all level.


Don’t trust Trudeau and his agenda.
Canada is not safe .


We Canadians can not rid ourselves of this cancer on our country and democracy soon enough. His identiy politics is killing our country, with his constant rhetoric of diversity and inclusion, which is nothing but code for enforced uniformity. His is a government based on fear and division and without the constant rhetoric would be empty! https://www.newcenter.ca/news/2018/1/28/justin-trudeau-and-the-politics-of-fear-division-and-hate


And we wonder how armed insurrections are started. I bet there are some people forming ideas now in our major cities. I am glad i live in a rural area with a crap load of ammo for these jokers.


Absolute madness from Trudeau; a powerful voice of insanity.

Clive Edwards

I am not standing up and supporting the ISIS murderers, but I am amused by the logic involved. Firstly, ISIS is an organization, one of many, set up by the U.S., Britain and yes even Canada and France in order to overthrow foreign, particularly Arab governments with a degree of plausible deniability. They are trained and funded by the west, which for this purpose includes Saudi Arabia and Israel – the two evil “bookends” of the middle east. In a strange and perverted way, ISIS fighters are part of the spectrum of Canadian, American, British, Israeli and French forces arrayed… Read more »

Brian Mellor

Every sinister act, every extra cost that these returning terrorists burden the Canadian public must remain the absolute responsibility of the Liberal Party of Canada. Should these ISIS Canadian terrorist kill any Canadian it will be on the heads of the Trudeau Government. They and they alone must bear total responsibility for deaths and costs. It must take more than 500 RCMP offices right now to keep tabs on these terrorists who walk free in our country. 500 Officers at $200 per day equals $100,000 each day. This on top of the Illegal Migrants which must be a similar cost.… Read more »


Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau instructed the Canadian ambassador to Israel to boycott the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem

By KFreedom – on May 14, 2018


Ron Voss

Dear President Trump, please invade Canada and get rid of this socialist dictator on your border.


Forgive us O Lord King of Israel and Jerusalem. I weep.


As I recall the Harper govt. had a law in place to strip citizenship from dual citizens who left the country to engage in terrorism and murder. One of Junior’s first acts upon taking power was to repeal that law. If you want to know the wrong response to any situation, domestic or foreign, just ask The Dauphin what he would do.


shouldn’t allow dual citizenship at all.


The Maritimes loved and adored the intellectual giant, J. Trudeau, last election. We wonder how they feel now, since he has exposed himself as the global village idiot?


Won’t be surprised at all to find that Liberal Canadian Govt. is actually paying for their return ticket.


When you consider the useless and spineless idiot Justin Trudeau and his stupid sidekick Ralph Goodall, these two are like dumb & dumber. Seriously, a Chimpanzee could do a better job of running this country than the total loser we have now. As a tax-paying Canadian citizen, I am embarrassed by and ashamed of our federal government in this country for being so weak and stupid. And I for one would like to know why these terrorist maggots aren’t charged with high treason when they come back to Canada? including that worthless piece of crap Omar Kadhr with his ridiculous… Read more »

graham ducker

There is no depth to human stupidity as shown by Canadian decisions.