Conservatives Surge In Quebec

As the Bloc loses support, the Conservatives are gaining.

While the Liberals (with an assist from much of the elitist press) try to claim the mantle of Canadian unity, the truth is that they’ve done far more to nearly tear Canada apart.

By contrast, support for Quebec separation declined dramatically while Stephen Harper was in power.

While Harper often wasn’t that popular in Quebec, his philosophy of a less centralized federal government showed respect for more local governance, something that was highly respected in Quebec and made it tougher for separatists to argue that the federal government was overbearing.

Unfortunately, Justin Trudeau has turned back towards more centralization, and provincial relations in Canada – particularly in the West – are worse than they have been in decades.

That said, the combination of Trudeau’s increasingly authoritarian attitude and the collapse/splintering of the Bloc Quebecois is leading to an opening for the Conservatives, and Andrew Scheer is making the most of it.

Scheer has reached out to the province, saying “Inside the Conservative Party, there is room for both nationalists who are tired of squabbles and federalists who can no longer stand seeing [Prime Minister] Justin Trudeau living in his Care Bear world.”

He appeared on the heavily-watched show Tout le monde en parle and performed well.

And recently, former Bloc Quebecois Leader Michel Gauthier renounced sovereignty and decided to join the Conservatives.

As a result, the Conservatives have surged in Quebec.

According to a recent Léger poll, the Liberals are at 40% in the province, followed by the Conservatives at 29%, which is a seven point jump in the last month. Meanwhile, the NDP have collapsed to just 15% in the province, and the Bloc has collapsed even more, pulling in just 10%.

The Globe & Mail reported that Leger’s executive VP says “the Conservatives are having some success in recreating the “blue alliance” between Conservative supporters and nationalist voters, which was a key to Brian Mulroney’s strong showings in Quebec in the 1980s.”

Quebec and the East Coast have been the top redoubt of support for the Trudeau Liberals, even as their support falls in Ontario and the West. If the Conservatives can close the gap in Quebec, Trudeau’s position will weaken even further.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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New Brunswick and Nova Scotia could be turned blue too. Trudeau will throw a lot of lies and money at his strongholds not to mention illegal voters. It’s going to be a war to take back the country from the Liebrals. I pray for a significant # of seats in Quebec. The illegal migrant issue, St. Lawrence sewage dump and divisiveness all caused by Trudeau should gave them steamed up; not to mention the Conservative bent for less intrusiveness in provincial affairs could entice Quebec. Elitist Ontario must join rural Ontario to dislodge the bandits in urban areas.


Sad to say my friend, for each liberal vote loss there are two to three illegal votes waiting to fill in the the loss.
Spencer, the liberals have it all planned in how to keep themselves in govwenment for a long time. Little do those illegals who fled from USA will regret the day they came to canada to be used by a gov that has no use for them but be used for their(liberal) own purpose.


I hope the Conservative will take Trudeau down. Everyone who loves Canada, and wants laws, to be enforced, on the borders, and in the Country, should vote Conservative Federal and Provincial, we need strong government to bring Canada back from the disaster, causes from Trudeau’s outrageous spending and corrupt policies. We Canadian taxpayers and Citizens are tired of being called racist or other names or treated like garbage, we deserve better, from our PM.

Shawn Harris

This is a very good sign coming from Quebec, it would appear that they are finally seeing that the conservatives are a reliable and stable party to vote for. Whereas with Trudeau he has shown himself to be untrustworthy and deceitful. That his decisions are not based upon the needs of the citizens but upon his and his party’s needs. Also Quebecers are understanding that the NDP are not an option for the coming election, as they are trying to recreate the NDP party of the sixties, along with radical and very impractical ideas and solutions. If Andrew Scheer can… Read more »

Mary-Ann Whittaker

Hopefully, in 2019 the Conservatives can win out over the Liberals. They are Canada’s only hope of recovery from all the destructive, divisive actions taken by the Liberals since they came to power. We desperately need to regain control of our borders, make our Immigration System the envy of all again, get the pipelines in place and the oil flowing coast to coast, make our country investor friendly again, and our people back to work. That’s just the start ! The CPC Party will definitely have their hands full trying to straighten this country out and bring it back to… Read more »