Money Manager Who Predicted Subprime Mortgage Collapse Plans To “Short Canadian Financials”

Steve Eisman says “Canada is going to have some issues with their housing market.”

The money manager who predicted the collapse of the subprime mortgage crisis plans to short Canadian financials.

Basically, Eisman is betting that Canadian financial stocks are going to lose value because of the housing market:

“When asked in a Bloomberg Television interview in Hong Kong on Monday what his biggest short play would be right now, Eisman’s first answer was “short Canadian financials.” “The United States is in far better shape than it was,” he said. “I would say Europe is better, but not good enough. I think Canada is okay, but I think Canada is going to have some issues with their housing market.” He also recommended shorting Deutsche Bank AG shares and reiterated that he is still short Wells Fargo & Co.”

While Eisman didn’t comment on the growing investment collapse in Canada, his bet on upcoming issues in our housing market is only the latest warning sign about our economic and financial situation.

With debt piling up, the carbon tax and regulations destroying our competitiveness, investment fleeing, and growth slowing down, a crisis in our housing market would be a disaster for our country.

Spencer Fernando

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A collapse is what globalist Puppet Trudeau wants to ward off the patriot movement!!!

Norbert Kausen

WHY do I believe him???


Lieberal/NDP want to force us to rebel, then we could easily be taken over by who ever they are working for, but first we must be made confused and poor. This appears to be what their agenda is. Our children don’t even have a gender, and they push psychiatric problems and the whole rest of the dog and pony show at us. If we make 2019 we must vote out this Lieberal/NDP false foreign government, and if the Conservatives have not been infiltrated and we are still strong enough and the election is not rigged by foreigners again, maybe we… Read more »

Red Alert

Artificially inflated housing prices and over indebtedness are the real crisi created by the Bank of Canada’s rigged low interest policy to save big corporations, the rich and shaft the rest.
A housing price collapsed would be a blessing and wipe out the artificially created housing price inflation.
Demand higher interest rates to save yourself and the system.