POLL: Vast Majority Of Ontarians Realize Carbon Tax Is A Scam

72% say it’s a tax grab.

A new poll shows that the vast majority of Ontarians realize the carbon tax is a scam.

According to an Ipsos survey for Global News, 72% of Ontarians say that the carbon tax is “just a tax grab,” while 68% say it’s nothing more than symbolic.

In numbers that are absolutely devastating for the Liberals, even a majority of Liberal voters think it’s nothing more than a tax grab:

“The poll of 1,197 eligible voters found the sentiments to be largely prevalent across party lines — while Conservative voters (85 per cent) were most likely to label carbon taxes a tax grab, a majority of NDP (72 per cent) and Liberal (54 per cent) voters also felt the same.”

Furthermore, people aren’t putting climate change (falsely used by the Liberals as the ‘justification’ for carbon taxes), as a top priority.

The CEO of Ipsos Darrell Bricker says people put climate change at 8th place when ranking their top issues.

Carbon tax scam

This poll shows that more and more people are realizing that the carbon tax is a total scam. It was never about the environment, it’s about taking more money out of taxpayers pockets.

As people wake up to the scam, it’s good news for leaders like Doug Ford and Andrew Scheer who have promised to scrap carbon taxes and put money back in taxpayers hands, and it’s bad news for those like the Liberals and NDP who want to keep the carbon tax which is gouging everybody.

Read more about the poll here.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter