Man Who Stabbed Canadian Soldiers & Cited Radical Islamist Ideology Acquitted Of Terrorism Charges By Judge

The judge said “The attack was motivated by the defendant’s radical religious and ideological beliefs but there is no dispute that the formation of those beliefs was in large part precipitated by mental disorder,” and judge acquitted him of terrorism charges while also finding him ‘not criminally responsible.’

In March of 2016, Ayanle Hassan Ali walked into a Canadian military recruitment office and began attacking Canadian soldiers with a knife.

Two soldiers were wounded before Ali was stopped.

And yet, even though the judge in the case clearly said that Ali had an ideological motive, he was found not criminally responsible, and acquitted of terrorism charges.

According to a CBC report, the judge said “The attack was motivated by the defendant’s radical religious and ideological beliefs but there is no dispute that the formation of those beliefs was in large part precipitated by mental disorder,” the judge says in his decision. “One of the beliefs that the defendant had formed in his mentally disordered state was that killing Canadian military personnel was justified because the military was fighting in Muslim lands.”

One of Ali’s lawyers said “They both decided that his relationship with Islam became tied up with his schizophrenia and he sat alone in his room for years hearing voices … and conflating in his mind the voices that he was hearing and the symptoms of the schizophrenia with messages of radical Islam.” 

Of course what has been completely unaddressed is why Ali would have been drawn to radical Islam in the first place. There are many people out there with schizophrenia, and they don’t all follow the path of radical Islam and try attacking Canadian soldiers.

While the decision by the judge technically fits within established law, many people are questioning why the’ not criminally responsible’ provision was used in this case, and many will see this as a ‘convenient’ downplaying of the fact that radical Islamism remains a threat in Canada.

Spencer Fernando

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Obviously in the minds of the judiciary our military recruiting personnel are a provocation of the jihadist Islamic radicals. I mean WTF? They must remember to shoot on site when a weapon is presented. Our military personnel are allowed to carry weapons to defend themselves from Jihadi Justin’s operatives are they not? And on this decision, what terrorist isn’t insane? Does that give it legal protection? These judges and the liberal lawyers are on crack.

Wendy Lush

The judge’s ruling is a travesty of justice. This man is as guilty as sin. What could be more obvious.

Ron Werner

Our own judges will be our downfall






This happened under Justin Trudeau come the 2019 elections we will take back Canada.!!


Maybe it’s time we started to elect judges in Canada.


Ha! Why? So people can elect judges into power the same way they do with politicians? By their looks!


When a country has no law, or slanted laws, you have no crime. Therefore our crime rate will be way down, except on old family Canadians so it will appear that they are right we are wrong, Trudeau said he would “make Canadians get along and do as he wished and show the world how it is done”.


So should we understand that this dangerous man will be in an institution in Canada for the rest of his life since he is unfit to roam freely in our society or any other societies for that matter.


Once the law does this many more terrorists will be set free. The judge is doom from now on.
Yet, if a canadian white man( in a manner of speaking) did these acts of crime, religion or no religion, he will be sentenced to life in prison.

alan skelhorne

well i guess trudeau has paid another one of his judges of, how can he get way with attempted murder. wow good bye canada.


And so it begins, the Jihadists have reached Canada and are able to act without restriction by our own Authorities.

Canadians need to grow some balls and some damn fortuitous ovaries. It will come down to this. your life or the life of a knife wielding sub-human. Protect your family, Protect yourselves. Law of land be damned.

bob fry

So his religious beliefs and Ideology lead to his mental disorder that caused him to to attack two of our military personnel. We are the Infidels and what does the Koran say to non believers of Mohammed, so that is his Ideology, so he isn’t a terrorist, just a person with severe mental disorder. The Judges today strive to be so creative in their findings and reduced sentences, maybe POD casts and poetry. All attacks by refugees are kept very quiet and down played, as the Liberals don’t want to admit that the Islamic Muslim refugees will never merge into… Read more »

Clive Edwards

Of course this guy is a whack job, but “hearing voices” and “god told me to do it”? How “Old Testament” can you get? Of course, all three Abrahamic religions venerate those Old Testament prophets who not only “talked to God” but heard God “talk back”. Indeed, even Christians, when they want biblical justification for some evil they wish to commit or exoneration for some evil they have already committed, rely on the Old Testament. And don’t get me started on how adultery is really bad, but God can break that rule and “pro-create” with a “virgin” who has had… Read more »