Sneaky: Trudeau Government Weakening Penalties For Corporate Criminals

They snuck the changes into their omnibus budget bill.

Hidden within the latest budget are changes that would weaken punishments for corporate criminals.

According to the CP, “The government intends to move forward with an amendment to the Criminal Code to create an optional tool for prosecutors that’s sometimes referred to as a “deferred prosecution agreement.” Such agreements are designed to encourage more companies to come forward to self-report corporate crimes and to identify individuals for prosecution. If it lives up to its end of the bargain, the company as a whole would avoid facing serious criminal charges, which could include bribery, corruption and insider trading.”

Seemingly, this could create an incentive for companies to scapegoat people for crimes while avoiding overall accountability.

The change was introduced in such a sneaky way that even many Liberal MPs weren’t aware of it, and some are pushing back against it:

“Liberal MP Greg Fergus told the committee at last Tuesday’s hearing that he was concerned the change appeared to be designed to give those implicated in white-collar crimes “a little slap on the wrist.”‘

“It seems we’re letting those with the means have an easier time of it than those who don’t have the means,” added Fergus.

Conservative MP Dan Albas says the change needs more study, because “This is a fundamental departure from the way we handle the Criminal Code.” 

And guess how much time the Finance Committee was given to review the change?

15 minutes.

Another move to help the powerful

Canada is becoming a far worse place to do business. However, that’s not because our corporate crime penalties are too high, it’s because our taxes and regulations are out of control.

Yet instead of address the real problem, the Trudeau Liberals are trying to sneak through a change that will do nothing except make it easier for huge corporations to avoid full accountability for violating the law.

It won’t help small businesses or even medium sized businesses, and it doesn’t address our collapsing competitiveness.

What it does do is help those who are already powerful, and further create a two-tiered system of justice. Once again, we see that Trudeau’s real agenda is to serve the elites who have already entrenched wealth and control.

Spencer Fernando

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