Trudeau Government Has Rejected Over 1,500 Canada Summer Jobs Applications, Up From Just 126 Rejections In 2017

A massive increase in rejections after Trudeau imposes his authoritarian values test.

A total of 1,559 organizations have been rejected for Canada Summer Jobs funding after the Trudeau government imposed a values test on applicants.

According to Global News, “Documents tabled last week in the House of Commons confirmed that Ottawa received a total of 42,708 applications for summer jobs money this year. Of those, 1,559 applications (just under 3.7 per cent) were rejected specifically because of “issues related to the attestation.” The government noted that some groups applied more than once.”

By comparison, there were just 126 rejections in 2017.

Keep in mind, almost nobody was complaining about the program previously, and it was supposed to be designed to leave the decisions over funding up to individual MPs, trusting that they knew their community better than the centralized government.

Increasingly, the Trudeau government is forcing their ideology on unwilling Canadians, even as serious problems like our inability to build pipelines and our collapsing competitiveness go unresolved.

Also, groups linked to radical Islamist terrorism are still getting funding through the program.

This is what happens when virtue-signalling and an obsession with control is the driving force behind the national government.

And while there are some who support Trudeau’s values test, it’s important for them to consider that a government powerful enough to suppress groups they don’t like could also be used to suppress the groups they like when the power is held in different hands.

Spencer Fernando

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Shawn Harris

Trudeau’s lying and deceitfulness knows no boundaries. First off, under the charter of rights and freedoms, there isn’t any right given to abortion. Even the supreme court never specifically rendered a verdict saying that it existed and it never gave the government any deadline to change it or guidance. It only struct down the existing laws regulating abortions. So, Trudeau is lying when he talks about abortion being a right under law and he is creating his own charter of rights and freedoms based on his twisted version of socialist ideology. Canada and Canadians have had up to now the… Read more »

Wendy Lush

Top photo: Lord that face of his triggers me. VERY punchable. Just looking at that moronic moron’s mug sends my blood pressure up ten points.


Those groups that have pride as Canadians and believe in democracy and our Charter, now have every right to require their employees and prospective employees to sign a document promising not to vote Liberal. Any employee found to be voting for or supporting Trudeau and his dictatorial policies will be offered counselling. Failing that, and with Canada presently being a democracy, they will be given the opportunity to seek employment with an organization more in tune with their undemocratic beliefs.

Ron Werner

Now that the Liberal govt has effectively censored and screened organizations across the country that do not agree with their ideology:
1. Watch for these to be selectively targeted before the Libs are kicked out
2. Where is all that money that would have gone to those 1500 organizations? It would have been budgeted based on historical grants.

Sandra Williston

Without a doubt, Canada has never had a more vile, divisive, arrogant, condescending and incompetent Prime Minister in all of its 150 year history! Those who voted for this simpleton should hang their heads in shame.

Alys Masters

The extra funds are probably going to Katimavik, the Liberal youth project that was canned and then resurrected in January 2018 shortly after the announcement of the values test. I believe that’s what the values test is about (i.e., re-routing funds to Katimavik).

Wendy Lush

“Top photo: Lord that face of his triggers me. VERY punchable. Just looking at that moronic moron’s mug sends my blood pressure up ten points.”

To be precise I meant the photo of JT in the House of Commons, of course.

(where are his horns, they are missing..)