Trudeau Government Has Rejected Over 1,500 Canada Summer Jobs Applications, Up From Just 126 Rejections In 2017

A massive increase in rejections after Trudeau imposes his authoritarian values test.

A total of 1,559 organizations have been rejected for Canada Summer Jobs funding after the Trudeau government imposed a values test on applicants.

According to Global News, “Documents tabled last week in the House of Commons confirmed that Ottawa received a total of 42,708 applications for summer jobs money this year. Of those, 1,559 applications (just under 3.7 per cent) were rejected specifically because of “issues related to the attestation.” The government noted that some groups applied more than once.”

By comparison, there were just 126 rejections in 2017.

Keep in mind, almost nobody was complaining about the program previously, and it was supposed to be designed to leave the decisions over funding up to individual MPs, trusting that they knew their community better than the centralized government.

Increasingly, the Trudeau government is forcing their ideology on unwilling Canadians, even as serious problems like our inability to build pipelines and our collapsing competitiveness go unresolved.

Also, groups linked to radical Islamist terrorism are still getting funding through the program.

This is what happens when virtue-signalling and an obsession with control is the driving force behind the national government.

And while there are some who support Trudeau’s values test, it’s important for them to consider that a government powerful enough to suppress groups they don’t like could also be used to suppress the groups they like when the power is held in different hands.

Spencer Fernando

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