WATCH: Trudeau Caught Lying Again About Harper’s Pipeline Record

Trudeau says Conservatives didn’t “deliver a single kilometre of new pipeline to market.” That is a total lie.

Justin Trudeau has been caught lying once again.

This time, it happened while he was in Alberta.

When asked about the Trans Mountain Pipeline, Trudeau launched into a defensive rant, and then started spouting off lies.

He said that the previous Harper government “didn’t deliver a single kilometere of new pipeline to market,” a statement that is totaly false.

As noted by Jason Kenney on Twitter, in just the time that Kenney was a cabinet minister the Conservatives completed TransCanada Keystone, the Enbridge Line 9B Reversal, the Kinder Morgan Anchor Loop, and the Enbridge Alberta Cutter.

Combined, those pipelines pump over 1,731,000 barrels per day.

But those facts didn’t stop Trudeau from lying, as you can see in the video below:

Despicable lies from Trudeau

Trudeau is now so desperate that he’s just straight up lying to the Canadian people.

The pipeline record of the previous government is easy for anyone to check, and a simple Google search would have made the truth clear.

Instead, Trudeau is going around the country spreading lies, attempting to tear down the past government so his own record doesn’t look so pathetic.

Yet, you’ll notice that much of the elitist media isn’t calling Trudeau out on his massive lies, so all of us who believe in the truth need to do everything we can to spread the word about Trudeau’s despicable deceptions.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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