WEAK: Air Canada Bows To Communist Pressure, Lists Taiwan Capital As Part Of China

Why is a Canadian company listening to what China’s communist government says?

Air Canada has bowed down to pressure from the Chinese government, and is listing Taiwan’s capital Taipei as part of ‘China,’ despite Taiwan considering themselves an independent nation.

Taipei had previously been correctly listed as part of Taiwan, until China’s communist government started demanding that companies change it.

Note, the change doesn’t just apply in China, on Air Canada’s website worldwide it lists Taipei as part of China.

According to BNN Bloomberg, “The Montreal-based airline didn’t immediately respond to questions about what prompted the change, but published reports say the Chinese government wrote letters to several airlines requesting the change.”

Additionally, “The government of Chinese President Xi Jinping has been increasingly assertive about its claims to Taiwan, which it regards as a renegade province and has threatened use military force to bring under its control.”

This is the kind of pathetic weakness and pandering that encourages ruthless authoritarians, and will only cause even more attempts to dictate what other countries and companies are allowed to say about Taiwan.

Unfortunately, this fits with the long pattern of corporations setting aside any sense of respect for democracy and freedom in order to pander to China’s Communist government in the pursuit of cash.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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China’s getting ready to go to war, they are expanding into the South China sea and are becoming increasingly hostile. They just paid the Dominican Republic 3 billion to no longer recognise Taiwan as a free country. China is all up in our business, they’re in the Americans business too, buying up Hollywood, holding financial interests in Universities, I wouldn’t be surprised to the have some financial interest in Air Canada. Disgraceful of Air Canada to do this, but, most of the world doesn’t think about Tibet anymore either…


Did China buy Air Canada? Or did Trudeau force Air Canada hand? Both cases would be outrageous. What is going on?


Air Trudeau?