After Trudeau Government Pipeline ‘Plan’, Kinder Morgan Canada CEO Says “We Are Not Yet In Alignment…”

If the plan to indemnify the Trans Mountain project was supposed to get things going again, it failed.

It appears that the Trudeau government’s ‘big plan’ to solve the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain crisis has landed with a thud.

The CEO of Kinder Morgan Canada – Steven Kean – says that while he “appreciates” the idea offered by the government, “The time period for reaching a resolution is short and, if we don’t reach a resolution by May 31, as we’ve said, it’s hard to conceive of a scenario under which we can proceed.”

Later on, Kean said “While discussions are ongoing, we are not yet in alignment and will not negotiate in public.”

According to the CP, “Kean repeated that the company won’t return to constructing the pipeline unless it has a clear path to build in British Columbia and adequate financial protection is provided for Kinder Morgan shareholders, demands it made last month as it suspended all non-essential spending on the project.”

The issue is that the Trudeau government still shows no willingness to get tough with the obstructionist BC NDP, which means people have no confidence about the future of the project. The government keeps saying how they have the authority to get the project done, but that simply raises the question as to why it’s not already happening.

And, if the government has the power to get it done, why would billions of taxpayer dollars have to go towards it?

Once again, the Trudeau government has failed to show leadership, and as a result, the Trans Mountain crisis continues.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Dave Bainard

But Jr put everything on hold so he could get an NYU doctorate in “Make everybody Feel Good” politics.


Kinder Morgan is not stupid. They will end it all May 31. Trudeau will have won this battle but he will pay dearly at the polls, let’s hope he loses that war or it is every Canadian and our heirs who will pay even more dearly. If he was a leader and cared about Canadians he could have solved the problem. He simply did not want to so he dealt KM a death blow by doing nothing except spew a lot of lies. I am sure they were aware and had already made other plans. Will Canada ever recover? Doubtful,… Read more »


With all the corruption and lies these Lieberal/NDP governments have done, if you were Kinder Morgan or any other business, would you trust then?