DISGRACEFUL: Trudeau Compares Climate Change ‘Deniers’ To Supporters Of Female Genital Mutilation

A disgusting and divisive comparison by Trudeau.

During yet another trip to the United States, Justin Trudeau made some horrendous comments while delivering a speech to graduates of New York University.

In an immense irony, Trudeau – one of the biggest pushers of identity politics – equated nationalism and identity politics as representing a ‘tribal mindset,’ despite the fact that uniting people around the idea of a country is far different than the divisive identity politics Trudeau advocates for.

Trudeau also told graduates, “As you go forward from this place, I would like you to make a point of reaching out to people whose beliefs and values differ from your own. I would like you to listen to them, to truly listen, and try to understand them, and find that common ground.”

Of course, those being stripped of funding under the Canada Summer Jobs program, or those who got called “neanderthals” by the Finance Minister (which Trudeau never addressed), are wondering why Trudeau doesn’t take his own advice when he’s in Canada.

But that wasn’t the worst thing he said.

Later in the speech, as reported by multiple news organizations, Trudeau compared climate change ‘deniers’ with those who support the barbaric practice of female genital mutilation.

As reported by the CP, “Trudeau also says there are some points of view that will never be valid, including those who commit female genital mutilation and those who deny that climate change is real.”

Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale tweeted this about the speech:

“Trudeau says some things are obviously just true – female genital mutilation is wrong, human-caused climate change is real “no matter how much some folks want to deny it” – but people still need to engage with the views of people who disagree with their own.”

Why the hell would Trudeau compare those two things?

There is a huge difference between a difference of opinion on climate change, and supporting a horrific anti-women practice.

And furthermore, if Trudeau is such a big opponent of FGM, why did the Trudeau government almost remove condemnation of FGM from the New Citizenship Guide? Why did it take a massive backlash from Canadians and massive pressure from the Conservatives for the Trudeau Liberals to scrap the change?

Trudeau’s comparison is disgusting, disgraceful, and divisive. It’s a terrible irony that in a speech where he claims to be talking about fighting division, he is purposely seeking to demonize Canadians who oppose his climate plan and is trying to even further divide our already badly divided nation.

The Canadian people deserve far better than this.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Civil Civilian

No one with common sense would even consider him a…a..leader


With all the BS crap coming out of this drama teacher/bar bouncer’s mouth over the months, I’ve come to the conclusion that pot-saturated brain of his is nothing more than a schizophrenic cesspool..
He’s beyond comparing apples to oranges.
The dude needs help. Seriously.

alan skelhorne

daniel dale, the little coward who ran from rob ford, i am sure you people remember that, an invasion of privacy i would call that, so this coward sticks up fro the coward in ottawa. wow what a screwed up country we live in.
don,t forget one thing elizabeth, he was a bouncer in montreal, albeit it was in a gay bar, there must have been a whole lot of bitch slapping going on there lol


Turdeau is preaching to college students about the future ,when he is so stupid he couldn’t make it through college after 2 tries, and to this day he is an ignorant, arrogant, dimwit,that should never have been a PM

Emily Viggiani

I think it’s a compliment, because he won’t stop encouraging FGM, himself

Elizabeth Thorne

Maybe Justine needs to read what Ivar Giaever, a real Nobel Laureate has to say about global warming and stop saying his science minister is a Nobel winner, another Liberal lie.


how such a hoax as climate/global warming could carry so much weight, has much, or mostly to do with Al Gore of course and their are a few others in promoting this, and the biggest is the MSM..and the globalists, which seem to wield a lot of power and have a pile of clout, money, and influence to THE UN..and now you have this carbon tax, to say taxing people, emissions will reduce the carbon in the atmosphere..and there is little green technologies developed to have a choice like Turdette said in speech in Calgary and then didn’t remember/conveniently, saying… Read more »

Crazy Ray

This clown is unbelievable. Fall 2019 can’t come fast enough. I just hope that people from around the world don’t think this idiot speaks on behalf of the majority of Canadians. For those that do believe in this morons ramblings SHAME on them. That far left ideology is the root of all evil. The neo-marxist philosophy is dangerous, divisive and makes our country a dangerous place to live and play. The old adage holds true, if you tell the same lie long enough eventually people start to believe it. Let’s hope that the majority of Canadians have been covering their… Read more »


The old adage you speak of is from Hitlers book Mein Kampf. Maybe Trudeau is using Hitlers playbook on Canada.


Actually, I’m sick and tired of globalist rip off
Artists like Trudeau pushing their Ponzi scheme onto unsuspecting people using fear and division and guilt to bully people into agreeing. https://www.naturalnews.com/2017-09-21-over-31000-scientists-say-global-warming-is-a-total-hoax-now-theyre-speaking-out-against-junk-science.html


Jason Wellings

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahaha I don’t think I’ve read more of a joke article in my life. “Plants like Co2, therefore Co2 in any amount is good”. I will give the article credit, it got the basics of photosynthesis correct. It probably should have mentioned that as a species we are actively destroying most of the plant and tree life on the planet which absorbs Co2 and helps keep the levels in the atmosphere down. Climate change isn’t just about rising temperatures, either. If that was the only consequence it wouldn’t be a huge deal. Rising sea levels is another thing, but the… Read more »


Where do these idiots come from and where do the idiots come from who elect them?
Mind boggling!

Marlene Campbell

These idiots are bought and paid for by unions, dippers, special interest groups and media. They’ll listen to Trudeau and his watermelon talk.
Kenney remarks about Trudeau are spot on.
Pretty sick analogy…


There are NO CLIMATE… CHANGE DENIERS. Everyone knows CLIMATE IS changing, not for the better. It is LIKELY??.. Maybe ?? caused in a small part by ppl. Trudeau makes big $$ on that. Has this been accounted for, this $$? But tell me humans CAUSED the ozone depletion!! And even if they DID, what’s done isn’t going to be reversed with $$. Tell me ppl CAUSED the HEAT WAVE over the North Pole? Who thinks ppl do all this? And let’s say they do??!! And a tiny population country like CANADA raises some money? Pitted against CHINA, ASIA, how does… Read more »

David Matheson

Oh come on, even as a conservative
I recognize headline-baiting. Since when is mentioning two categories of people in the same sentence a “comparison”?


“Equates” is likely a more accurate word than “compares”, Dave. Garbage statements like this are just another example of how childish and petty he is.


Associate two ideas together regardless of their actual relationship. The impact of the relationship on the intended audience acts subconsciously. It’s what sophists do–they’re tricksters. Once you spot a sophist watch their words carefully.

Gail Jacobs

I have always requested that he gets a psychological evaluation…sadly we are stuck with a mentally deranged excuse for a pm and can do nothing about it because he is mind controlling our children…PARENTS, STEP IN AND TELL YOUR CHILDREN THE TRUTH ABOUT THIS PERVERTED SWAGGER!!!


A few minutes is all I could stand of this pathetic narcissist and his preaching. All that was missing was a small black strip of hair on his upper lip, thousands of brown flags with funny black markings, and the masses screaming zeig heil as they gave the extended arm salute. He was damn near screaming in his last few statements.

Heil Trudeau. Heil Trudeau. Ve haff vays uff deeling vit dose who oppose my vish for vun vurld power vit me as der natural ruling leader. All hail Trudeau.

Chaz Martel

Just when one thinks Trudeau has reached the apex of hypocrisy he out does himself and goes himself one better. When it comes the barbaric issue of FGM (female genital mutilation) Trudeau and his equally risible government do not have a credible leg to stand on. It was his government which had the words ‘barbaric practices’ removed from Canada’s Citizenship Guide, used in description of practices banned in Canada, such as FGM, honour killings and forced marriages. Trudeau felt that calling such offensive and barbaric practices, ,barbaric, was itself offensive. This is the same man who has been frequently photographed… Read more »

Alci B

What’s Trudeau’s IQ ?
No further questions

Chris vrecko

REPLY: He doesn’t have one. If he did we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in now!
We need to share post, like yesterday, we don’t have time for tomorrow!

Jason Wellings

Oh no, you’ve been brainwashed by Jordon “if you have a moral compass you must believe in God” Peterson. How unfortunate.
And before you say anything, no I am not a big fan of Trudeau.

Wendy Lush

Don’t expect logic from an illogical man. Justin Trudeau is an uninformed, petulant, attention-seeking man-child. He is poison to Canada. So here is JT at Yankee Stadium blabbing to 10,000 graduates about Diversity and Tolerance. It’s no wonder this is the topic of any speech he gives – it’s literally the only thing he knows. That and selfies. He’s addressing his fan base, the fawning green-behind-the-ear university crowd. Let’s wait 30 years and ask these same grads what their opinion of Trudeau is. ps- We need to put an end to honorary degrees. They are elite gifts from elite institutions… Read more »

Dan Costello

Yet another Trudeauvian false analogy. Whoever writes his speeches is like a chef that never adds any spices. Every Trudeauvian speech is like a soup of starving pigeon. #TrudeauMustGo


Question is ” why didn’t the students walk out on him while he made those gross statements?”

I guess the students weren’t warn ahead of time especially the female students that ‘ Jihadi trudeau supports terrorists and is bringing ISIS that beheads, tortures, kills and enslaves women’ back into Canadian community.’
If any of students had known of jihadi justin trudeau vicious ways, probably he would not have been invited.
Women to Justin are meant to be used and discard whenever it suits him.

Bruce Miller

Sad. Rode into power on his father’s shirttails, will go out on his Mum’s illness.


Never mind the latest idiotic thing he said, it’s impossible to keep track of it all anymore, what does this say about New York university as an institution of higher learning they would have a moron like Justin Trudeau is there keynote speaker for the graduation ceremony. I felt the same incredulity when he spoke at University of Toronto Rotman school of business. What a farce is being made of academia, that leading institutions would endorse someone who could only get through the most basic of undergraduate programs, to be a mentor for their graduates. Its incomprehensible.


Never mind the latest idiotic thing he said, it’s impossible to keep track of it all anymore, what does this say about New York university as an institution of higher learning they would have a moron like Justin Trudeau as their keynote speaker for the graduation ceremony. I felt the same incredulity when he spoke at University of Toronto Rotman school of business. What a farce is being made of academia, that leading institutions would endorse someone who could only get through the most basic of undergraduate programs, to be a mentor for their graduates. Its incomprehensible.


At least those american students will have a job whereas canadian students cant find any since justin trudeau send them(jobs) to USA because of his high taxes.

Shawn Harris

Trudeau is a disgrace to Canada and misrepresents who we are as Canadians. Trudeau tells the world that we all agree with his morals and values. Yet he is willing to allow Muslims and others to commit atrocities, while telling Canadians that it is wrong to call those acts, FGM and other barbaric practices, barbaric. He calls for diversity, yet he won’t accept that the science about climate change isn’t and won’t ever be settled. He calls those who disagree with him neanderthals because he himself doesn’t have any real knowledge beyond what the far left have told to believe.… Read more »

Ron Voss

Proud to be a denier of the man-made climate change hoax and not being a liar.


They forgot one thing . GOD created the weather and GOD Alone, decides when where how or how much the weather is distributed.
There are other form of evironment that is man made like raw sewage with chemical toxic is dumped on rivers like saint Lawrence River and in vancour coast. Yet, so far, the fed and provincial govs have refused and denied of its existance.

Fran Manns
Bert mcFadyen


c fogarty

jt said people who deny the cliamte change is not true yet other that the science guy were wrong . All the stats were wrong and only his version is right. Even when he sees the information he is right. And he does not believe in the barbaric treatment of fgm. However this is a clinic in Canada now to do these treatments now. Yet the barbaric ritual of honor which still goes on today was not barbaric. He said freedom expression or free speech is allowed even though itis clearly practice as his henchmen read our message etc. This… Read more »


Sad , Justin, Chretien, Mulroney, the quality of leadership we see in Canada all too often, even sadder that so much power is entrenched in the PMO and the PMO, a bunch of back room boys and girls, men and women. Reform, clean it out, take some power from the PM and give more of it to MPs to be more independent in the House.

Mel Moore

Trudeau makes Trump look like a Mensa member.


This Canadian would like to apologize to the American people for another round of embarassing platitudes by our globalist leader. He doesn’t speak or represent the feelings and beliefs of many many Canadians, who reject the Trudeau government’s identity politics and government based on fear and division. https://www.newcenter.ca/news/2018/1/28/justin-trudeau-and-the-politics-of-fear-division-and-hate

marion ford

Thank you so much for including this article from Kneeland in your post. I hope the Conservatives are able to articulate this truth and expose the Liberals and their evil devisive ways in the next election. Maybe all Canadians can unite with their hatred of liberal politics.

Greg Roth

This just gets better every day… the evolution of junior short pants…

A parrot with lips…a rare breed in politics actually…the biggest difference in ‘this’ species is the male is quite colorless and boring, having difficulty attracting ANY sort of attention…typically found with ‘other’ males, BEGGING for recognition (typically on their own international stage) honing their political mating call… which never seems to be more than a repetitive strangled squawk…

[…] Spencer Fernando notes here, this is a disgusting and divisive […]

Elizabeth Thorne

Why the hell would he compare those two things? I, I, I, aw don’t, aw know. Maybe because he is stupid.


First and foremost, shame on the University for having him as a speaker. A person who never graduate from university, let alone pass beyond first year before retiring to his well-earned life of leisure thanks to a wealthy trust-fund has no moral standing to speak to graduating students entering the reality of life (and what a shock will it be). It goes to prove why universities are failing. If you bring a Shiny Pony to the circus you get exactly that and nothing more.


I was no fan of Pierre Trudeau, but Justin is way, way worse. He’s the worst Prime Minister in my lifetime (I’m in my 60s) and can’t wait to vote against him.

Haywood Jablome

this turd is an ftard of the highest degree


We are carbon based, so no carbon no life. So in short, this is a scam, a hoax, a fraud and he should be arrested on this, as for trying to force this on us. So luck him up….


Is it election time yet? Can hardly wait for this loser to go. What would make it even better is if he is charged with treason!

Fran Manns


Ths sun causes climate change.


Let’s see. The sun, you know that big light bulb in the sky, is responsible for climate and climate change. FGM is done by a person holding a knife to a child. How are they similar? This is one stupid comment and comparison. Maybe he doesn’t know the difference? Between the sun and human barbarism?