Kenney Rips Trudeau As “Empty-Trust Fund Millionaire”

Millions of Canadians would agree.

Alberta Opposition Leader Jason Kenney was recently quoted ripping into Justin Trudeau in a Calgary Sun column by Rick Bell.

Kenney didn’t hold back, and spoke for the frustrations of millions of Canadians.

Here’s some of what Kenney was quoted saying:

“I know Justin. He doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing. This guy is an empty trust-fund millionaire who has the political depth of a finger bowl.”

“He can’t read a briefing note longer than a cocktail napkin, OK.”

When asked about the comments, Kenney refused to back down:

“I worked with dozens of MPs in Ottawa, including (opposition) critics who were thoughtful, intelligent, engaged people with whom I had a constructive relationship. He wasn’t one of them.”

“(Trudeau) is a person that I worked with as a minister for three years who I got to know quite well as somebody who has difficulty with complex files, and I think (Trans Mountain) is a very complex issue.”

Kenney is 100% correct here.

All you need to do is look at Trudeau’s recent speech to New York University graduates, where he compared climate change ‘deniers’ to those who support female genital mutilation, and said people need to listen to those with a different point of view, even as he demonizes his critics and strips groups of funding for ideological reasons here at home.

Trudeau doesn’t connect the words he speaks with his actions, and often appears to be reading a script written by somebody else.

More people in leadership roles should start speaking the truth like Kenney, instead of pushing the false-civility that makes our politics even more fake and deceptive.

Millions of Canadians agree with what Kenney said, and the voices of those who oppose Trudeau need to be heard if our country is to be saved from disaster.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Wendy Lush

I like to think of Justin Trudeau the way famed director Otto Preminger once described Marilyn Monroe: “A vacuum with nipples”.


But Marilyn Monroe had an IQ of 160


Great article! Kenney is our guy! Yes, telling the truth about Turd is refreshing and exhilirating!


I can’t believe this pic he looks so stoned and it makes me wonder if he can do the job in this condition or maybe i’m hallucinating lol

Don Taylor

I thought the same thing he looks high ,or is that natural

Ron Voss

That’s quite a turn for Kenney who often withbhis virtue signalling likes to trumpet the need for civil discourse among politicians. Remember he threw a lot of Albertans under the bus, including me, scolding them for chanting in frustration and jest, “Lock her up” (re Notley) at an anti-carbon tax rally at the Alberta legislature.

“Nenshi isn’t fussed. He’s confident what we’re hearing from Trudeau, and Notley for that matter, is true.” No wonder; he just go a bag of money for the LRT, typical pork barrel politics.


How could anyone dump on Kenney for using adjectives used for Trudeau by almost every real Canadian?


I see Justin and his pal and PMO Chief of Staff, Gerald Butts, in the same light as the 90’s TV cartoon characters, Beavis and Butthead. Jason Kenney is bang on. Take heed Canada. The PM is a clear and present danger to democracy and the freedoms that have been constructed over 150 years. He has no knowledge of Canada’s identity other than simple stories his Marxist sympathizer father told him. His grandfathers made him a multi millionaire enabling him to visit 90 countries rather than work. He has no work ethic. I doubt that he knows the proud history… Read more »


Trudeau doesn’t connect the words he speaks with his actions, and often appears to be reading a script was written by somebody else.”…………Just look what happens when he goes off script(peoplekind) that embarrassing speech where he struggled to find words ..He is not qualified for this job as all of you know but I believe the Liberals were desperate to win and the stars aligned with Trudeau, “looks” famous father, arrogance and acting experience….with the ability to memorize lines all made it happen….seems many people were dazzled with his performance got out and voted for him…..He has had so many… Read more »

Clive Edwards

I trained as an actor. Acting takes talent. Turd-o can’t even act, but he can play “Mr. Dress-up”, as long as there is a hole in the back of his pants for the puppeteer….