REPORT: Alberta Passes Legislation Giving Them The Power To Cut Oil Exports To B.C.

Legislation sends clear message to Horgan that there’s a price to be paid for his anti-pipeline extremism.

B.C. NDP premier John ‘Hypocrite’ Horgan is advocating an extreme position.

He thinks he should be able to ignore federal law and block the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, thus dictating how much oil Alberta can send into B.C.

And yet, he simultaneously says that Alberta can’t cut oil exports to B.C.

He’s somehow arguing that he should have control over what Alberta does with their oil, which is an obviously absurd position.

Now, Alberta is making it clear that Horgan will pay a price for his foolish scheming.

The Alberta Legislature has passed legislation giving the province the authority to restrict oil exports to B.C., which could result in huge price increases in the West Coast province – already facing incredibly high gas prices.

“Alberta will be equipped with new tools to assert our rights to control the flow of our resources to British Columbia,” said Alberta Premier Rachel Notley. “Albertans, British Columbians and all Canadians should understand that if the path forward for the pipeline through B.C. is not settled soon, I’m ready and prepared to turn off the taps.”

Pathetically, the B.C. NDP government are trying to argue that the legislation is unconstitutional because it aims at ‘harming’ another province. Of course, by that logic the B.C. NDP can’t oppose the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, because opposing it hurts Alberta (and all of Canada).

Horgan’s hypocrisy and the NDP-Green anti-pipeline extremism is causing serious economic damage in Canada, and it needs to end ASAP. Unfortunately, the problem is being left to Alberta’s legislature to try and handle, since Justin Trudeau has shown himself far too weak to actually get tough.

Spencer Fernando

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Robert Abbott

Hogan is certainly causing extreme damage to B.C. caving into Weaver and company. They are causing unsurrmontable damage to the BC population and Canada as a whole for what. Hogan wants to keep his position so caves into Weaver. So Hogan call an election now and find out if you have the support of BC citizens. You can say what you want about the rediclous cost increases to our cost of living but the truth is it’s all on you period. I am sure come next election the NDP will be reduced to a no party status. I myself will… Read more »


First off, Justin doesn’t give rats ass about Alberta nor the West frankly. He was out here to aid his own mp only, other than him ( mp), he has no use for Alberta.
BYW Spencer, do you havethe video tape of Jason Kenny ripping off Trudea?


Alberta, and it doesn’t matter who is the Government, doesn’t even have to shut down the transport of processed fuels as this Legislation states. Every Province has jurisdiction over their resources. It is up to each to ensure the transport of their resources is done as safely as possible, meeting all guidelines and regulations. They can lay the responsibility on Weaver, Horgan, Eby, screwzuki and every single native and enviro-zealot by simply requiring KM to do a complete safety inspection of the entire existing line and ALL it’s related facilities. Alberta could even show their dedication to safety by paying… Read more »


The Alberta legislature had no choice but to use the Jason Kenney UCP strategy even though the anti-pipeline NDP government is gagging on the ‘medicine.’
As usual the causal link to the rift between BC and AB is the machiavellian Prince Trudeau. His hatred for all things Alberta knows no boundaries. BC will be just fine after they have a good swig of $2.10 cpl gasoline and proportional increases in diesel and jet fuel. American or Saudi oil tankers will clog the straits and harbours on the BC coast. Hope they don’t have a Valdez type spill.

Mel Kozun

Horgan is such a hypocrite.

On one hand he’s saying he’ll block oil from being moved thru BC.

Then, on the other hand he says no one else can block oil from being moved thru BC.



Premier Weaver, Horgan and Eby have to remember that we in BC have the right of recall. It is at the point where we have to activate that Legislation to cleanse the Province of these three stooges.

Brian Mellor

Two NDP Governments who can’t get along with themselves never mind everyone else. I have little sympathy for BC who always seem to vote stupidly, even at the best of times.

bj stewart

The federal government can only exercise powers given exclusively to it under Section 91 of the Constitution Act of 1982. Nowhere in that section does it give the power to make Provincial decisions coming with Section 92 Provincial jurisdiction. The fed is impotent to such an end.


Physics is the application of mathematics in the real world. The torch has been fumbled because we lie about and disregard physics because it affects some peoples sensibilities. The fuel consumption of fossil fueled containers ships that keep this country going is measured in metric tons per hour. Lawsuits and obstructionism is not the way to transition from a fossil fueled future. British Columbians should seize this opportunity to transition away from fossil fuels but going cold turkey without a viable replacement is suicide. We need oil to help our transition because of this physical fact. Notley is right, let… Read more »