Why Should Candidates Resign For Controversial Tweets When Kathleen Wynne Won’t Resign For Repeatedly Lying?

Blatant lies about the finances of Ontario are a far more serious issue than a few controversial tweets. So why isn’t Wynne being called upon to resign?

What’s worse:

A controversial tweet from years ago (even though we’ve all said dumb things in the past), or lying to millions of people about billions of dollars?

The answer to that is pretty clear.

And yet, politics has become so twisted and corrupt that massive lies go unpunished, while human mistakes destroy careers.

That twisted attitude is what the Trudeau Liberals are trying to push as they attack PC candidates like Andrew Lawton and try to define the entirety of those candidates lives and characters by one or two comments from years ago.

Yet, this raises the question of why nobody is calling on Kathleen Wynne to resign for her constant lies?

She has consistently lied about the size of the budget deficit, a deception that adds up to billions of dollars.

How is it possible that such big lies being spread to millions of people are not worth resigning, but a poor tweet from the past is a bigger issue?

It’s crazy, and it’s time we start demanding that politicians be held accountable for the big lies.

Because of the Liberals, Ontario has the largest sub-national debt on earth, and servicing that debt takes billions out of the budget every year. By lying about deficits, Kathleen Wynne puts the next generation at serious financial risk, and makes the economy more and more vulnerable.

That’s far worse than a foolish tweet from years ago, and if Kathleen Wynne won’t resign for her lies, why should anyone else resign for their mistakes?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Norbert Kausen

Hi Spencer! I enjoy reading your posts, they are very informative. I have just read that Trudeau “came as close as he should ever come on Wednesday to denouncing Donald Trump.
Standing at second base of Yankee Stadium—where the U.S. president has box seats—Trudeau spent 20 minutes telling the 2018 graduating class of New York University to embrace diversity, to reject nationalism.” This was reported in Maclean’s on line. Trudeau is far worse than simly incompetent… he is scary and dangerous to Canada!! He has confirmed it, yet again!

Marlin Kane

I am in total agreement with you! Trudeau is a Dangerous, mentally incompetent, piece of work. He no doubt has Narcissistic Personality Disorder as well as other issues!


Just hope those students do some research to realize what a lying , corrupt PM we have in Canada . Being a good PM is not about nice hair, socks. The guy and his lib. pals have no substance. Their arrogant’s and self distruction have ruined our beautiful country.


The media backs the Lieberal/NDP parties lying, across the country makes excuses for them, if a Conservative states the truth they twist it to look bad, and if they make a mistake it is front page news, otherwise there is no news about Conservatives unless the Lieberal/NDP’s are lying about them. They have a strangle hold on our country, killing us softly, giving out candies at our expense while serving their masters, until we collapse, woops no more candies.


thats right why should anyone else have to resign Kathleen Winn ND Trudeau are both liars they both should resign


Look to our Lieberal/NDP owned communist media. Like federal Lieberals,/NDP, Wynne/Horwath just changes the laws or the whole story, makes up a new one, the media just prints what they are ordered to, good about the Lieberals/NDP,coverups, anything bad about the Conservatives, even if it is an outright lie, you do not heat about the good Conservatives, so any childhood problem if discovered by Lieberals/NDP if they can use it they will.

Shawn Harris

Wynne has the same problem that Trudeau does, they both can’t tell the truth and wouldn’t recognize it if they fell over it. To them both and their supporters, it’s all about a means to an end, justifying what they say as the truth or deflecting attention away from what they have done, so as not to be called a lying hypocrite. To them your attention must be focused upon them and not what they have said or done, for they portray themselves as being pure as the driven snow. The only way for all of this lying and deceiving… Read more »