After Trudeau Says NAFTA Deal Near, US Trade Rep Says “Nowhere Near Close To A Deal”

U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer says big differences remain between NAFTA nations.

Recently, Justin Trudeau said a NAFTA deal was close, and the last major sticking point was whether there would be a “sunset clause” where the deal automatically had to be renegotiated on a fixed schedule every five years.

Canada and Mexico oppose the sunset clause, while the US wants it.

However, US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer says the countries are “nowhere near close to a deal.”

“There are gaping differences … We of course will continue to engage in negotiations, and I look forward to working with my counterparts to secure the best possible deal for American farmers, ranchers, workers, and businesses,” said Lighthizer.

After making positive comments on the issue of the auto industry within NAFTA, Trudeau was also contradicted by Mexico’s economy minister Ildefonso Guajardo:

“Congratulations for a great interview at – but a clarification is necessary: any renegotiated that implies losses of existing Mexican jobs is unacceptable.”

How much of this is bluster and positioning for negotiation purposes remains to be seen. This is just one of many difficulties facing the Canadian economy, and the uncertainty over trade is adding to the uncertainty being caused by the anti-business attitude of the government, collapsing investment, and the Trans Mountain pipeline crisis.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Ralph Knapp

At least the Boy shows great consistency with his comments. Imagine the shock if he ever tells the truth.

Timothy Hickey

Canadians must see this DEAL before it is ratified!

For the most part we have been kept in the dark on trade deals!

Maybe it is time for the People to take charge on decisions that will impact our Canadian economy and our NATIONAL Sovereign Will! Give this deal to the People in 2019 when the writ is dropped, and let a well informed Canadian Electorate decide whether this deal is GOOD for our future as a Nation!

alan skelhorne

so i see mr. prissypants in ottawa was caught lying again. just not ready for sure.


More BS from prince selfie socks. I have come to not trust one utterance from this fool. Everything he says has one goal – to enhance his own public optics – you can take that to the bank!

Clive Edwards

Here’s NAFTA writ small: When I was a teenager I went to California to pick fruit with some of my friends – sort of a working vacation. The only others doing the same work were Mexicans – not an American in sight, although they owned the orchards. Fast forward to today’s Canada – without Mexican labour our agricultural industry (aside from the Hutterites and Asian Canadians) could not exist. European Canadians aren’t available in sufficient numbers to harvest our crops, process our honey, or do the maintenance work in our fields and orchards. I guess most Canadians of European descent… Read more »